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data sending question [on hold]

If you wanted to send 20 tb of data at a rate of 100mbps a second is it smarter just to overnight fed ex the data? I did the calculation data size/line rate and got a ridiculous number. I just wanted to make sure isn’t it sm…

Use of flag byte(s) [on hold]

I’m learning about framing methods and my textbook (Computer Networks, Tanenbaum, section 3.1.2) says often the same byte is used to mark the start and end of a frame.
Does this mean one flag byte marks the start of a new fr…

Increase Your Knowledge : What to choose for Data Science – R or Python?

It is really difficult to choose between R and Python for a complete novice in Data Science. Both Python and R are popular programming languages for Data Analysis. The choice depends on the type of data analytical problem you are facing.While R is developed for statistics, Python is popular for being a general purpose language.Both languages has their own pros and cons.