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Posts tagged as “#data”

session layer in OSI model

I'm wondering to know how session layer works. In my understanding session layer is to establish active communication sessions between two devices. Based on the OSI layer model, it works layer by layer meaning that the data is generated fr...

NETCONF namespaces

I am trying to extract information via NETCONF from an IOS-XE device.
I am using two separate methods to achieve this and cannot replicate the success of one method while using the other:
Successful NETCONF communication
With Cisco's YANG ...

Network exercise [closed]

Your company has a video transcoder. Each network interface returns the number of transmitted and received octets at a precise moment. The bitrates need to be added to the transcoder. Calculate the needed bitrates for receiving (Rx) and tr...

Monitor network link to get bandwidth and/or latency variations

I have a controlled SDN lab scenario where I have a control plane and a data plane. The network is composed by:

A switch
2 pc connected to the switch for the data plane
A controller pc connected to the control plane of the switch that can...

End to End delay for datagram switching

the number of hops = 5,
the message length [bits] = 4000 bits,
the data rate [bps] = 9000 bps,
the packet size [bits] (payload + header) = 512 bits,
the packet overhead = 12,
the propagation delay per ho...

How ip info websites work?

I use service like and I am interested in that where they collect data like these
ip: ""
hostname: ""
city: "Helsinki"
region: "Uusimaa"
country: &quot...

How exactly does ARQ (automatic repeat request) work?

As I understand it, ARQ is an error-checking method, which my textbook attempts to explain it as:

ARQ uses an acknowledgement (a message sent by the receiver indicating that the data has been recieved correctly) and timeout. If an acknowl...