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Posts tagged as “Donald Trump”

The Comey Rule review – are we ready for the first Trump TV drama?

Jeff Daniels takes on the role of former FBI director James Comey in a patchy and misguided miniseries about his much-publicised fall from graceThe Comey Rule, a new miniseries from Captain Phillips scribe Billy Ray, airing in two parts, attacks the qu...

Rage by Bob Woodward review – Trump unleashed

In Bob Woodward’s interviews, this self-obsessed blabbermouth of a president blows the whistle on himselfNow I understand why Trump refuses to have a dog in the White House. There’s no need: he is his own fawning poodle and envenomed cur.“I love this g...

Live From New York Once Again

Lorne Michaels reveals everything about SNL’s 46th season, including the show’s new Biden.