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Posts tagged as “food”

Mars Needs Insects

If humans are ever going to live on the red planet, they’re going to have to bring bugs with them.

How Long Do Thanksgiving Leftovers Last?

Food scientists break down what food is the first to go bad and simple ways of extending leftovers’ shelf life

Mr Chow: the story behind the world’s most fascinating restaurateur

Michael Chow’s groundbreaking restaurants attracted everyone from Mae West to Jay-Z, an eccentric legacy explored in a new documentaryThe food never shows up in AKA Mr Chow, director Nick ******’s feature-length documentary about restaurateur Michael C...

Just for starters: 11 of the best food podcasts

From sharing recipes to exploring politics, the podcasts that inspire a conversation about what we eat• Ed Gamble and James Acaster on Off Menu, their food podcasting phenomenonLaunched by Jessie Ware in 2017 as a support act to her music career, this ...

3 Dead After Listeria Outbreak in Washington State

Health officials said five cases of listeriosis in Puget Sound were probably caused by the same unidentified food source. All of those infected were older than 60.