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Posts tagged as “health”

Sinéad O’Connor to enter trauma and addiction treatment programme

The Irish singer is seeking help for addiction to an undisclosed drug after being profoundly affected by the death of someone close to herSinéad O’Connor has postponed her 2021 tour in order to enter a year-long treatment programme for trauma and addic...

How to Use Masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic

What kinds of face coverings work for protection against COVID-19? How do you use them safely? A series of simple steps outlines the answers

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The Real Danger Posed by Coronavirus-Infected Mink

A new SARS-CoV-2 strain in mink has infected more than 200 people in Denmark, but it is not known whether the mutation makes the virus more dangerous

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Sean Connery had dementia, his wife reveals

Micheline Roquebrune says the late James Bond actor’s dementia ‘took its toll on him’Sean Connery had dementia in his final months, his wife, Micheline Roquebrune, has revealed.Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Roquebrune said: “He had dementia and it to...