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EMQX MQTT broker

Wow! EMQX seems to be the best open source MQTT broker! Do you know any down side of it? Seems so perfect! submitted by /u/IoTrust [link] [comments]


Can someone please explain the difference from the basics? submitted by /u/suzieblue0 [link] [comments]

which protocol to use MQTT or websockets

I'm designing a solution that allows users to purchase a device from me. This device will alert them to road hazards. It's meant to be installed in cars, so it activates, authenticates, and starts receiving alerts as soon as the car is turned on. Users can also report hazards through the device.

Given a scenario where 100,000 users are using this device, would you recommend using WebSocket or MQTT?

submitted by /u/PapiPoseidon
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12V to 24V DC

How do I convert 12VDC output from a proximity sensor to 24V to power on a 24VDC relay coil? submitted by /u/ezyodoto [link] [comments]

How to create Wireless Network with password of 4 character length?

Need to create a WiFi network for my embedded device which takes ssid and password both of 4 character length. How to create such a network that will allow me to normally connect my laptop / phone and the embedded device to the same network? So that I...

“safer ***”/ IOT and *** Toys

I've been thinking about the privacy and security of IoT-connected *** toys lately, and it's been on my mind.

Specifically, I'm curious about how to keep things private and secure when using these devices.

I stumbled upon an article about issues with the Lovense app, which got me wondering if this is still a common problem or if things have improved. Here's the link: Lovense App Malware

Do any of you have any good practices for maintaining privacy and security with these kinds of devices? Or maybe you think it's better to avoid app-driven toys altogether?

submitted by /u/Chem_g1rl
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Project help: Low cost, Large quantity, food hall style pager system

Hey Reddit

I have a IOT based project in mind and need some help/feedback.


I want to create a IOT network, like the once you see i food halls (Guest pager style). The problem is that is needs to be a smaller formfactor (placed on a coat hanger) and should be able to handle upwards of 500 nodes per network. Each node should be able to receive a command and have LED blink.

The nodes would be very close proximity (5 inches, maybe less) but the controller/host could be farther away 10 yards but in the same room.

I was thinking about using ZigBee or another platforms like it, but does not seem to be able to handle that many nodes/clients and would be a bit costly per unit.

The nodes would be used around 12 hours a day 4 days a week (in a row).


  • Network should be able to handle upwards of 500 nodes
  • Nodes are battery powered and contains a flashing LED (preferably RGB)
  • Host/Controller have mains power, there can be more than one Host / controller is necessary
  • Nodes should be uniquely identifiable (the host should be able to send commands to a specific node)
  • I have not considered the charging of nodes yet.

I'm sure I've missed something, any feedback or questions are appreciated, if it is at all feasible.

submitted by /u/KillerSpray
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Improvise `IoT based smart home` project idea

As an electrical and computer engineering student working on an IoT-based smart home project, I have designed three nodes so far. The first node manages security features like door lock systems and logs, while the second node handles smart automation for appliances. The third node combines and processes data from the first two nodes, communicating with the server. Now, I'm looking to add a fourth node to the project, incorporating sensors.
Any suggestions for sensors or functionalities that I could implement with this node?

submitted by /u/sudhanlee
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Internet-connected flashing light?

I am looking for suggestions for how I might get a light to flash on my physical desktop under certain outputs from our database. My team was discussing how to ensure the observability of various conditions. Of course we have plenty of automated report...