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What do you think?

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IOT Mentorship / Advice


I've had a deep interest in the IOT's and would love some advice on how to start an online consulting business based around this concept. I'm sure theirs mentors out there and I would love to talk to them. I know this is fairly vague, but I do apricate any advice given. Thanks.

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Seeking advice for Industrial IoT internship for MS thesis

I don't know if this is the right subreddit for this kind of questions, if it's not please refer me to the right ones, thanks.

I'm considering an internship with a company in order to work on my MS thesis. I chose a professor as supervisor that teaches protocols and communications for IoT devices and sensors because I'd like to do something in this field.

I was offered a position as developer for a system that would have to gather data from IoT devices and sensors from different factories.

They didn't explain what my role would be as it would be explained in a next interview in the case I was interested, so now I'm trying to gather some questions in order to give more informations to my supervisor and find a good topic for my thesis within this project.

So far I've thought about these aspects:

- General structure of the whole system

- What kind of IoT devices will be used. Do they have limitations, like in battery/processing power/network?

- Network aspects of the IoT devices, any particular protocol?

- Security aspects of IoT devices message passing and of the application that handles/receives the data

- Data fusion / aggregation / pre-processing of the raw data

- Database ( probably noSQL as it has to handle large amount of data? )

- Cloud computing or similar features?

What would other good questions be in order to get more insight on the challenges and see if there is a suitable topic for a thesis in this project?

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Should I use the AWS stack to do this or self host?

Hello, I'm currently building software for devices similar to AC units. These devices need to run off of user configured schedules and also relay environment data from sensors to a user viewable dashboard. OTA updates and remote commands would be needed as well. Currently, I'm using thingsboard to prototype this device out but would like to develop a more intuitive user experience in the future.

Should I use the AWS stack to do this or self host? I'm having trouble weighing the tradeoffs of these options.

Option 1: AWS: AWS IOT Core, DyanamoDB, Cognito, etc.? Option 2: Selfhost: DigitalOcean + Mosquitto/RabbitMQ, InfluxDB/MongoDB, Django, Auth0?

Our team runs pretty lean so it'd be better to optimize for developer productivity. Also, like any other project in IOT, it'd be nice to have security. Unsure which option would be better but it feels like AWS would have better security. Currently I'm leaning towards AWS but am planning on trying out both for a small project to get a better feel for it. Any advice here on which option to choose?

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Best alternative wifi routers

I currently have AT&T 1GB Fiber internet. To the router I get 1000MB connection but to each device i around 200MB. If I replace the router with a new one will it improve my speeds. If so, what routers can I replace it with? submitted by &#32...