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Help request – smart bike kit


I want to build a device which has an accelerometer and gyro to put on my bike. I’d want to have it connected to the internet. I’d want to be able to regularly push updates to this.

What would be the best prototyping kit for this?

I’ve worked with Arduino and the Qualcomm dragon board previously. Computer science so am happy to get my hands ***** when it comes to code.

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Command and control for raspberrypis.


Hi. I’m wondering if there is already a package for managing a fleet of remote raspberry pis? Here is what I am thinking

1: A way to remotely supply a new wpa-supplicant file without SSH. So for example if no network is available the raspberry pi will connect to my iphone hotspot. But if I update the wpa-supplicant file, it will connect to whatever new network I tell it to.

2: A way to tell it to run a script from a remote place. Ie: Lets say I put a python/bash/whatever script in an S3 bucket, and every 10 minutes that script was downloaded to the rpi and executed. This could also be ansible or anything else really. I mean putting it on the web and using s3 are easy. I’m asking is there already a system/standard for doing this kind of thing?


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