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A Super Nerdy Conversation About RTLS

My co-worker recently had this in-depth discussion with WiFi Ninjas, getting into all the nerdy details about how UWB real-time location can work, with a live demonstration toward the end.

what is this “Possible EventEmitter memory leak detect ed” and what to do about it?

Hi guys, im running a .js file in Putty with my IoT device. the code runs fine and my payload is as it should be. but between the updated lines i get this error;

(node:457) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detect ed 

I looked it up and the solutions are quite complicated.The issue that I am having is that the IoT hub im "connected" to (confirmed by my code) isn't receiving any of the values. there shouldnt be any characterisitc errors in the string and the connection is there... i just wonder if this is the probem. Ive read online that there is away to get rid of this warning but it doesnt get rid of the underlying error thats causing it.

Apologies if theyre not corralater...i am but a beginner with all of this, especially with java script. just working off examples & learning of other people.

Thanks guys

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Does anybody here use Particle devices?

I started doing some simple projects with a red bear duo / proton device, but I see that there is not a bunch of information on the web as there are with other platforms&Devices, What is you opinion about particle? What other hardware do you recomm...

Home Assistant Companion For macOS

The brand new Home Assistant companion app for macOS was just released as part of what the heck month in the Home Assistant community. I will show you how to install it, what new sensors are added after installation and how these sensors can be u...

How to monitor multiple raspberry pi acting as IoT devices?

I am using Google cloud and I have some raspberry pi sending some data. However, I have been looking for a way to monitor when the devices for some reason have stopped working (i.e. lost power and aren't sending data).

I tried looking for ways to do this using IoT Core, but I don't see any implementation of this. I find it odd, but even the method I wanted to try, which was to open an mqtt bridge and send an alert when the device disconnects doesn't seem to work quite like I want to. Basically I am able to be informed about connect/disconnect events, but mqtt connection needs to be renewed constantly so I can't raise an alarm for a "real" disconnection. Reading more about it, apparently the protocol has something in place called "last will and testament" which might do what I want, however IoT core doesn't support it.

So after all this, I still don't have a way to be alerted of a rpi that lost connection for a while. How are people monitoring this sort of thing? I have searched a lot but I can't seem to find an adequate answer.

Any help will be appreciated!

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Thingsboard Installation – Really struggling

I'm technically savvy here, but the instructions to get thingsBoard up and running on either a native Windows OS, or Docker image (running in a Windows environment), i'm plauged with issues and the documentation feels really outdated.

Anyone installed thingsBoard recently, on any platform successfully?

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Register for Open Source AI Workshop, a free online event on Sept 30

Full disclosure, I work for the Eclipse Foundation. Register for the Open Source AI Workshop here: This free online event brings together some of the brightest minds in the AI industry and Europe...

Technology transition from SMART HOMES to SMART CITIES!

The smart homes are gaining popularity these days, with lots of famous companies working to improve this technology and create connection with the smart city. For a smart home one can determine the indicators of comfort (temperature, rain, water level ...