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IoT Dissertation Ideas

Hi everyone, I'm currently undertaking my Cyber Security Master's Dissertation. This needs to be both a mixture of research, and practical work. I've decided to base it around the area of IoT security, on consumer IoT devices. I'm now trying to think of a research question around this area, that addresses a particular problem.

Please let me know if you have any ideas, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you !

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Trying to decide between Azure or AWS platforms.

I am interested in starting an IoT related business in the near term and am looking at the AWS and Azure platforms. Mainly because it seems that have a comprehensive platform and supporting tools. One of my deciding factors is cost and Azure seems a ta...

What (low-end) applications do you build for, with no MMU, and what is your hardware architecture?

Mostly interested in those with commercial designs (although I love the project write-ups!) This is background material for cybersecurity discussions, like "what happens if new government regulations force every application to employ MMU?"


Among other purposes, an MMU can separate memory for cybersecurity reasons. For example, when dealing with credentials, it's best to give as few parts of the application access to that memory space as possible. This is a very limited view of hardware-based security, but it is *a useful leading indicator of the architectural capability* for security-by-design.

If a design has no MMU *and cannot upgrade easily to one*, it's kind of a problem if you are suddenly required (by customers, by emerging regulations) to comply with a "keep memory spaces separate" security requirement (and note, if adding an MMU to your microcontroller-based design means upgrading to a microcontroller, that would be an example of "cannot upgrade easily").

So--if you don't have MMU capability in your design, what is the application (smart lock, temperature sensor, etc.); and what is your architecture (micro family and maker, platform, etc.) ?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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What keyless door lock ???

Some days ago saw a pic of a keyless door lock with a pad that had its numbers change poisition so it is harder to figure out the entry code to strangers. Does someone know what device it is?

Sorry didn't think in save the pic and don't even know the brand.

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Wireless temperature sensors in Europe

I am interested in having a set of 5-10 wireless indoor temperature sensors in a range between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius that send their data within 10 seconds of measurement to e.g. the cloud which can be displayed on iOS and Android when high priority...