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Home siren or flashy light.

Home siren in zwave or zigbee compatible with smartthings. Children who are stuck staring at a screen or two and cant hear me honk from two retaining walls away. Should I get something that would flash lights, make noise, or other to gain their attent…

IoT Home-Server

Hey, just want to know what you all think about an idea of mine: So I thought if it would be a nice idea to create a Raspberry-Pi Server with some Flask-Backend and all that jucy stuff aswell as some IoT sensors, that anyone could get installed in thei…

Cheap cellular modem


Hey IOTers,

I’m in search of a cheap, readily available (read digikey/mouser/newark carried) cellular modem (lte-m or 3g preferred) to be used alongside an esp32s2. The overall BOM per unit costs 15-20 dollars right now and i’m hoping that there is a decent cellular modem with built in gps I can use that won’d quadruple costs.

Even a gps module that is reasonably sized and doesn’t cost 20 dollars would be great.

I realize that these requirements might be a long shot but I’m not versed in all of the great chipsets avaialable, hoping one of you might have some ideas.

Any recommendations?

P.S. I’d probably just grab the gpy if it ran on the esp32s2, I need some of the additionaly functionalities.

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