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IoT intro

I own and operate a business that produces integrated hardware and software stormwater management solutions for municipalities and private sector design engineering firms. We automate stormwater ponds with release devices that monitor environmental con...

How do I make an IoT smart clock with multiple apps?

So I want to make a smart clock like Lametric time, with various apps like clock, calender, weather, match scores etc.

I have already made a regular clock with an led matrix and an arduino using an ITC module so I know some C++. But I want to take it a step further. I know I have to use an ESP8266 with wifi to make things work. But I have no idea about the technology stack behind the things. Do I make the arduino process various apps and then render it over my led matrix (I beleive this will be too heavy for a microcontroller)? Or do I use another system like a rpi to run the apps and then send the rendered image to arduino for displaying it on led? I am also thinking about making a web interface to add the apps and extend it to a mobile app later on.

I can do all this but need a starting point to understand what all technologies are used in today's smart devices. I would appreciate any help in getting me started.

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Could someone explain? Roles within IoT: IP, ISP, webinterfaces etc.

At the moment I am looking into the more technical side of IoT. I was wondering if someone could give a more clear explanation of the following 'components' and how they relate together. I can not seem to figure it out online:
If you buy an IoT device usually has some sort of web interface to control it. So the device has an IP address, and to this device there is some website (also belonging to this IP address) that runs the webinterface to control the device.
- Who 'runs' this website or webinterface? Is that done on through the device manufacturer, is it through your ISP? Or is it originating from the device and just run on the network of the ISP?
- Who is responsible for keeping this webinterface safe? Depending on who is running the website; is the ISP or device manufacturer responsible?

I am trying to get a clear idea on how this works, and who (generally speaking) has which role. Hopefully someone could briefly explain this to me, that would be very helpfull :)
Thank you.

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Stick form factor device to use with Balena

What device do you guys recommend to use with Balena cloud that has a stick form factor? It needs to plug in to a TV. We have a PWA that runs in the chrome browser. Thanks. submitted by /u/doodooz7 [link] [comments]

I’m new to the IoT and I have a couple of questions

Correct me if I am wrong, but IoT seems to be in its early days and refers to networks using different protocols to connect devices to the internet or some personal network to then save and somehow evaluate the data.

I'm interested in the sharing of data with the public aspect. So far I have not found a website where fellow people upload and share their IoT data.

I'm not sure how to word this, but I'd like to learn about what motivates people in the IoT community.

Are people using their data to improve/learn about their own ecosystem? Is there a platform where you can see connected devices on the network and the data they have collected? Are people interested at all to share or sell their collected data online? What are people using right now to store their data?

Lastly, could you guys refer me to some other forums or places where I could connect with the community and ask similar questions. Thanks!!

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Supply chain issues and AT&T’s 3G shutdown

So AT&T is planning on shutting down it's 3G network in Feb 2022 (9 months from now). With all the supply chain disruptions going on, it is quite hard to get volume supply of Qualcomm and other modules for manufacturing devices. With the 3G shutdown, demand is doubled because suppliers have to replace all those 3G devices.

Verizon has delayed its 2G shutdown due to supply chain disruptions. Does anyone know if AT&T is planning on delaying the 3G shutdown for a bit to allow supply chain issues to subside?

Because if AT&T goes ahead with their 3G shutdown as planned, in spite of the dearth of cellular module, most companies will never do business with AT&T again - Verizon will be the better option.

Anyone know anything about this? Anyone from AT&T monitoring this subreddit?

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