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How to connect end users to a device?


I’m having trouble figuring out how to connect my end users with my device. It’s a smart lock system.

All devices are coded the same(there is no device ID hardcoded). I don’t want to even print out a sticker with a device ID.

I’m thinking of this:

  1. Open Device from package – it connects to the database and a unique device ID is created on first connection on the server side
  2. User registers online, enters device id, is authenticated to view status of device
  3. user can share the device ID to allow others to connect

Does it make sense to do it that way? I can’t really find any protocols on how to do it. Its an ESP8266 chip using Firebase authentication and realtime database with a boostrap dashboard to view status.

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How is MQTT going to work if Lte-M and NB-IoT block continually-connected/open sockets?


In the US, AT&T and (and afaik others like Verzion and T-mobile) are offering Lte-M or NB-IoT options- but they all specifically state something along the lines of

…may not be used to establish a continuous, unattended connection to the AT&T network.

But MQTT design involves long-lived TCP connections! (from hiveMQ):

If you use long-living TCP connections with MQTT (which you should!), the TLS overhead, especially the TLS Handshake overhead can be negligible.

Help me out here: Wouldn’t this get my device banned from the network, if I have to constantly re-connect? Do I have to use HTTP/REST?

Bonus question: Anybody have any luck running LTE-M or NB-IOT non-approved (list of approved here) (but cheaper) modules (like the sim7000a/g) on the AT&T network?

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“Announcements” from IoT device to keep me on schedule?


Hi all, I’d like to have an IoT device announce things at certain times every day.

Like in the morning, at 5 am, I’d like it to tell me to wake up my kids. And at 6:45, I’d like it to tell us that everyone should start getting dressed for school, etc… (so this would need to be via a speaker in the kitchen and not only on my phone.)

In a perfect world, we’d have to actually acknowledge the message (like hit a button or something), otherwise, it would keep reminding every couple minutes until acknowledged.

Is this something I need to build custom with something like a Raspberry Pi, or can I make this work with existing IoT devices? Any recommendations?

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