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How to record Water / Gas usage data?


Hi, I’m fairly new at this and am working on a water and gas usage monitor but am unsure how to visualise the data from the monitor.

Building out the monitor itself was easy and works fine, for the water monitoring it records every litre of water used along with the date/time

I want to push the data to a web service like Thinger.io but most of these services and even local options like an MQTT server seem more suited to data with specific values like temperature or humidity rather than incrementing values (including having it reset each day)

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to use?

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Hey guys,

I am in the process of looking for some IOT Dashboard software to run on my server (self hosted) but with more HMI/SCADA functionality than the typical dashboard which just displays the data. I require more control of setting times and adjusting values and setpoints and controlling equipment.

I have been currently mucking around with thingsboard CE on my server and just mqtt via a few arduinos and PLCs as proof of concept. I find setting up alarms and emails via rules chain is a messy slow solution and data input on the widgets is not the best as you can only have one data source per widget and there is nothing easy to select time/date and send to PLC/Arduino yes I can use a string but that is messy and have to write the exact format every time and not a good solution for an end customer.

I have experience with HMI and SCADA systems (Indusoft) but these are not suitable to deploy on cloud type systems as they all use thin clients with limited functionality of the main software and missing important features I require.

Some of the features I require are maps integration with tracking of the coordinates, Trending/Charts with history and exporting/download of CSV. Setting times for timers and entering setpoints. Alarms with email/SMS.

I am currently using siemens s7 1200 PLCs and arduinos with xbee digimesh 900hp relaying sensor/GPS information from different machinery and equipment and have SCADA installed on every site and VPN into the SCADA system from my server and accessing the web servers. The customers require additional features the SCADA can’t easily do and have had 2 cases of all data being lost on site because of faulty flash memory and one SSD hard drive failing.

So I am hoping to host a cloud-based solution with central management so I can manage everything better and provide a better more reliable solution to my customers.

If anyone has any experience or knows of any platforms I can try that would be suitable for my requirements would be awesome as I have searched the Net for a long time and yet to find something.


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Help me finish my bachelor!


Hi everyone.

I do hope i’m not breaking any rules. Otherwise feel free to erase this post.

My final course for this semester before I finish my bachelor is “Reflections on IT”, and it requires me to philosophize on the impact of IoT, especially from a privacy/security viewpoint. IoT devices come with alot of convenience, but at what price?

I’m looking for scientific papers on the subject (already have a few), and if anyone of you happens to know a good paper that either discusses the impact, or how good/bad IoT is i would love to take a look at it. I’m not looking for any science fiction like George Orwell’s 1984.

Thank you so much, IoT community 🙂

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