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Raspberry Pi question

I would like to have my raspberry pi automatically scrape and filter proxies using a python program I came across (or one you suggest). I’d like this to be automated to run every 6 hours and upload them onto a server, would this be possible? Any pointe…

Considering MQTT/AWS IoT vs RPC-over-BLE/AWS EC2, any recommendations?


Shortest version, if I have a server, app and device.

Device is BLE. I’m looking at either using an RPC system like JSON-RPC where my app is talking to the device over BLE and the server over HTTP/JSON. Where the app is the RPC client and the device and server both answer RPC requests when asked. This means lots of custom coding that isn’t really to any standard. The RPC layer and the data layer are both on my own to build and support. I don’t get built-in analytics, but I do have control.


Dropping that plan and moving to Amazon IoT over MQTT. The device is still BLE, but using Amazon FreeRTOS to BLE<>MQTT to an AWS IoT MQTT Broker. Then the app and server also making publish/subscribe requests separately. The issue I see is this means even though the app and device are right next to each other, they really only talk over a broker. Meaning 2x ping latency if I hit a button and want my device to do something. This could mean a variable quality UX.

Has anyone been through IoT development enough to say positively or negatively on the merits of either plan?

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☁️Cloud Computing For Small Businesses: What You Need To Know☁️

☁️Cloud Computing For Small Businesses: What You Need To Know☁️ <***>


The problem with the existing cloud computing is that they are centralized and there is a risk of getting hacked and our data might get stolen. With DeepCloud AI’s decentralized model, this risk is being eliminated. It will be a more secure way for businesses to store their data.

While the benefits of #cloudcomputing for business are becoming more well known, many businesses are unfamiliar with the different types of cloud computing. Here are the different types of cloud services and the specific benefits related to each.

I’ve found this article here https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2018/12/18/cloud-computing-for-small-businesses-what-you-need-to-know/#5a186ae60e57

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