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Is there a simple service with Python API that allows you to store a database of images of persons with their names, then with Python, ask it if a new image matches any of the database?

Basically trying to do ****** recognition on Raspberry Pi. I want to store a few images of individuals, give them names. Then in Python, i send a picture, and ask to compare it against the database to see if there's a match.

This is what i tried: Amazon rekognition: very complex, couldnt get boto3 to work. It keeps saying no moduile boto3 even though i installed it.

Face_recogniton: a very simlpe API i found on github, but takes like a minute.... too long.

Any other ideas? Something that does the computation on a server so that it doesnt take too long, as opposed to doing computation on my raspberry pi.


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Why aren’t there any cheap amazon dash button programmable clones?

To my understanding, the amazon dash button will connect to your wifi network and send a request to an Amazon endpoint each time you press the button.

This means, the SSID and password is stored in the button without actually flashing said information in the ROM.

Now, I've seen projects to replicate the dash button function using ESP8266, NodeMCU and Arduino IDE, mounting everything in a protoboard or soldering manually.

I wonder, how come no company has come with a cheap configurable clone that could not only remember SSID and password but also a custom URL to make the request (I'm thinking IFTTT).

I've seen products that do this but cost around 50 bucks. Considering the dash button has been around for a long time, at this point chinese manufacturers should have already made a cheap clone that could be bought in bulk. It still puzzles me.

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