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Student working on a chip

Hello, I’m a college student and for a school project I’m trying to design a chip for IoT. I thought that IoT missed maybe some computing power for thing like face recognition, so I was thinking about adding a FPGA on the chip Anyone has some idea I co...

Help me

Long story short,

My company is breaking a number of union laws, but i know the law and can technically sue them

I need a meme saying somthing like.

''When the company tries to avoid laws, but you know the long and can sue them'' or something, help me out!

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Using LTE/GSM Enabled Board to Send MMS

I'm looking for advice on using a cellular-enabled microcontroller (like a FiPy) to send MMS messages. The examples I have found in my research all point to using the cellular data connection to invoke an MMS messaging API versus sending the message natively over the carrier (assuming an MMS-capable provider and SIM card).

I'd be interested in recommendations for both hardware and software - with preference given to micropython. Thanks!

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