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Any interest in ZeroTier on your projects?

I'm the Community Support Manager over at r/zerotier, and I've spent a good chunk of the past two months helping them triage tickets and finding out what folks are needing help with. As someone with a few pieces of IOT sitting around that could probably test some of this; and the main devs are pretty active on Reddit too: is there a particular platform or OS we're missing? I'm already aware of a need for some Win10 ARM support, and we already cover Pi usage. Thanks!

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Reolink Cameras & NVR vs Blue Iris and Home Assistant (How-To)

I got my hands on two Reolink cameras RLC-522 & RLC-520 as well as the Reolink NVR RLN8-410. As you may guess I will set these things up and I will compare the cameras, but that is not enough for me and I will also try to add them in Blue Iri...

How would you apply Internet of Things in manufacturing?

IoT has many curious use cases across the industries, and manufacturing is not an exception. Some companies already use it to predict the maintenance, find the problems early and manage the resources wisely.What is more important, you can now control y...

BLE programable modules

Hi, I've been developing a project where I'm using ESP32 and 8266 to communicate eachother via WiFi. It works well, however I think using BLE would be better. I searched some modules, and the most popular are the HM-10, JDY-08, etc. The constraint with those modules is they couldn't have a custom program and I need to use some gpio and a I2C interface.

Also I found the Anaren A20737, it seems good, but it's now obsolete, so I'd like to you advise me to find a module similar to this one. Thanks.

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Memory Pill

Memory Pill passively records the last time a medication bottle was opened to prevent over- and underdosing of medications when you cannot remember if you have already taken a scheduled dose.

Looking for a wall-mounted wifi switch to control wifi outlets. Does such a thing exist?

I have an old home that's difficult to run new wiring in, and a couple of rooms that have poor lighting. I'm currently using wifi outlets with plug-in lights that my family controls from our phones. The lighting solution works fine, but controlling the lights from our phones is a pain. Especially for other people, i.e. babysitters.

I'm looking for light switches, ideally ones that mount on the wall, that can control the lights. There are lots of wifi light switches, but they all seem to replace traditional light switches in order to control an electrical circuit. I want a switch that isn't wired to anything, preferably battery-powered, that I can use to turn on/off other wifi devices (Kasa outlets or the like).

If they don't exist, I guess I'll make something with a Raspberry Pi. But it would be nice to find something that looks like a regular light switch.

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Understanding how to deploy esp8266 with AWS IOT using MQTT

Hi, I am working in a small project where around 10 to 15 devices will be given to a few customers for monitoring sensors. I was learning about AWS IOT using MQTT. I am ok with microcontrollers but web design and protocols are something new that I am g...