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Project ideas ?

Because of summer holidays , my friends and I want to do project related to iot and web developpement . We thought of 2 projects . The first one is : we give a programme the inputs for ideal conditions for plant growth , we plant some sensors all across the farm and whenever the ideal conditions aren't met , it alarms the farmer . The second one is a remote that helps disabled people that can only move a finger communicate with their phone using morse code and through virtual assistants like siri and google assistant . Which one do you think is better ? If you have any other small project ideas please let me know .

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Cold weather lithium battery powered solar-charged IoT project

Cold weather lithium battery powered solar-charged IoT project

I'm trying to devise a strategy to allow my system to run off lithium batteries. From what I understand charging a lithium in freezing temperatures is a big no-no, and my project will face these during winter, so I'm wondering about diverting solar charging energy towards a heating element (heat tracing wrapped around the battery?) during these conditions so that I can continue safely charging.

Here's a concept of what I've come up with:

A temperature sensor connected to the MCU determines when a freezing condition exists and controls the relays.

In a freezing conditions the battery is only allowed to discharge (in the diagram above it's shown in the wrong switch position - sorry), and the heating element is switched on, driven exclusively from the solar input.

Both relays would need to be bi-stable type so that

  1. The coil doesn't need to be constantly supplied current (this is a power-constrained device)
  2. If the battery fully drains and there's no solar input then with the MCU off the system maintains its last state.

My total system draw without the heating element is ~150mW, I'm looking for about a 15W 30V solar panel, and the battery I'm targeting around 20Ah (74Wh). I'll want my heating scheme to not add significantly to the power footprint when it's disengaged.

Does this make sense? Are there any obvious flaws I'm not seeing, or likely pitfalls? Am I reinventing the wheel here, ie are there any design patterns out there for this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance.

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Help needed with pushing Messages on Google Pub/Sub

Hello there! I'm currently stuck with Google Pub/Sub. I have a ESP8266 (Node MCU) and finally got it connected to Google IoT Core. I have to use Google Pub/Sub to perform some actions triggered by pushed messages. My device is connected to Google and is publishing some basic telemetry messages. Right now, mainly for learning purposes and for later to built on that knowledge, i want to switch an led on and off - based on the message-content which is published via google Pub/Sub. Based on the quickstarts provided by google, my device was set to "pull". I tried to change it to "push" but i need and url endpoint for that. I thought I can push messages via mqtt like the same way my ESP published its telemetry. But apparently i need to switch to HTTP? Is it true that i have to use HTTP for that or is there another way? If i have to use it, do you have some links/tutorials for that? Thank you guys!

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Ideas for a Graduation project combining ML and IOT

Hello there, I am currently a student at last year of engineering university department of electronics and communication. I am trying to specialize in two majors: “embedded systems and IOT” and “Machine Learning” and also my team are in the same two fi...