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Network Protocol vs Framework?

I've been a network engineer for almost 4 years now. I thought I understand what a network protocol means. but now I'm having doubts.
For me,
Ethernet is a protocol used at layer 2. there would be format for data with fields like src MAC ,...

iperf3 UDP tuning

I am trying to test throughput in the network. But when i start iperf3 client for sending UDP packets it sends TCP SYN packets. Why does it behave like this? (it should not send udp tcp syn while connectiing to UDP server)

Router and switches routing protocol configuration

If I connect switches in each building together, which also link a router, does a routing protocols need to be configured on the switches and the router, or just the router?

Private IP Address Subnetting Standards. How strict are they today?

How strict is this standard today.
The range is: –

Conceptual Config

Location A (10):

VLAN 10 -
VLAN 20 -

Location B (20):

VLAN 10 - 172.20....

Assigning IP addresses to multiple switches

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my question, i appreciate it. I am in need of help on IP assigning to 4 brand NEW Araknis switches that I am replacing with the current netgear/tp-link switches I have.
What is the correct w...

Two Datacenter location with same BGP AS number

Currently we have DC-1 running eBGP with my ISP using AS:1111 and i have prefix and using BGP Default route because we have only single ISP.
Now we are opening new Datacenter in remote geolocation and we don't have any dedicated...

BGP influence outbound traffic based on prefix

I have two router core1 and core2 connected with ISP router border1 and border2 using eBGP peer and i have 5 public subnect (/24). My ISP sending me default route instead of full BGP table.

Question: I have 5 public IP subnets (prefix) a...

How is the PPP protocol byte-oriented as well as bit-oriented?

Many articles considered PPP as a byte-oriented, and the others mention it as a bit-oriented.

| Flag | Address | Control | Protocol | Information
| 01111110 | 1...