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Posts tagged as “network”

How to develop a new protocol? [closed]

I'm a certified CCNA, web developer and a programmer(I code in Java & python mostly).
Although that I understand the concepts of networking I want to expand my knowledge further and code a protocol. The problem is I do not know where s...

Network controller showing 3 different transport id [closed]

There was a problem with my network controller so i opened up cmd and started to check for interfaces.
I noticed a strange thing that my Wifi network controller had 3 different Device ID (Transport id's) When i tried to disable the wifi ca...

Are the mobility of the nodes lead to packet dropping in MANETs?

As we all know, lots of reasons can lead to normal packet dropping in MANET networks, e.g., unstable wireless channel, overloaded nodes, and so on. I have a question about whether the mobility of the nodes can cause some packets to drop. I...

GNS3 switches vs Real switches performance

I want to emulate the performance of switches in GNS3, and the focus is not the configuration of switches. My questions are:

Do emulated switches perform worst than actual switches?

Are emulated switches are good method to measure the th...

BGP (RIB-Failure – Higher admin distance)

I tried to make BGP routing on this topology .. After that I added network and network in R1, I had rib-failure (higher admin distance) on R2 and R3 .. but I was able to ping from client at R2 to and ...

Questions about IoT [closed]

I have some questions about IoT, that's really a field I don't understand !
For example, with a connected lamp :

Does the light have an ip address ?

Does the light have a micoprocessor ?

How does it work when i'm somewhere in the world ...

Which layers do these “system level approaches” operate?

In Kurose' Computer Networking book:

9.5 Network Support for Multimedia
In Sections 9.2 through 9.4, we learned how application-level mechanisms such as
client buffering, prefetching, adapting media quality to available bandwidth, adap-