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Posts tagged as “network”

What kinds of businesses have network troubles everyday?

Asking this question because I have no experience working with enterprise networks and I have no idea what kinds of network troubles happen and why these troubles happen.
What are the nature of these businesses that they always have networ...

What kinds of organizations use routing protocols (aside from ISPs)?

I don't understand why would an organization aside from an ISP even use routing protocols.
Let's say there is a big company with 5000 employees, and they want to have a network throughout their building. Aren't switches enough for their ne...

IPv4 and UDP/TCP packets inside of ICMP packet?

A week ago, after opening wireshark, i was surprised by seing a storm of ICMP packets from different IP addresses. While deep analysing of thoses packets, i noticed that those ICMP packets contains IPv4 headers and UDP/TCP headers. It seem...

Routing on different adapters and switches [closed]

I’ve two router in office with two different switches.
first one in internet and it’s sharing through a switch between clients (every pc has 2 network adapters)
the second one is a special MAN network with a (single user)VPN connection (vp...