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Posts tagged as “network”

IPv6 configuration on Debian with /48 subnet and PtP address?

I'm sorry to bother you which such a simple (?) question, but I haven't found anything useful on the internet. I'm not very familiar with IPv6 networks, especially when it's not a normal address/netmask/gateway configuration.
To configure ...

Are IOT devices identifiable through a basic Nmap scan?

Does the Nmap programme have the capabilities of identifying IoT devices when initiating a scan? Cause as these IOT devices work in an ad-hoc environment, I was wondering whether it would be possible to capture and identify these devices....

How are MPLS routers connected to each other?

So MPLS is one of the many ways to connect two or more distant sites. In other words, it is some kind of a "WAN solution".
But what is the "WAN solution" for MPLS?
Take for example the following basic MPLS diagram. This...

Numerus Spurious Retr & Dup ACK

We have a server behind a firewall and numerus clients on the road are using an app that connects to the server, but some commands from the app never arrive at the server so we started tracing the traffic on the server. We found out numeru...

Download ExtremeXOS

I need to update the extreme switch, I found a lot of instructions but I don't know where to download the latest version of extremeXOS. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Domain admin profile stuck on login to server [closed]

Thank you in advance for reading this, I appreciate it.
I recently built a new AD for the company I work for. Everything was going good. All of a sudden my profile is getting stuck on welcome screen. When I disable windows firewall DOMAIN ...

Setting up a VPN on Firewall (Zyxel ATP200)

I just wanted to preface this by saying that I am not very experienced in networking in general and have been trying to pick up things as I am going along.
My setup:
I have been trying to setup a VPN connection over IPSec and L2TP from a M...