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Posts tagged as “network”

How to Balance SPAN Traffic from Redundant Switches

So we are wanting to deploy an IDS device to capture EAST-WEST traffic in a LAN.
The actual topology is more complicated but our issue boils down to this:

We are attempting to configure SPAN sessions from the many VLANS to the ports conne...

ISP fiber plan environment

My ISP subscription is a fiber plan as advertised 100mbps.
despite the fact that it is advertised as fiber optic it is not actually a fiber to modem wire or fiber > ethernet > modem. the setup consists of a 60GHz antenna from my hous...

How to enable QLogic FC HBA interfaces in Centos 7

I'm facing an issue during the connection between QLogic FC HBA and Cisco Nexus SFP. I checked Cisco SFP is working fine. But I don't know how can I enable QLogic FC HBA in Centos 7. It always shows "Linkdown".
Please guide me on...

Cannot connect to a VM on subnetwork

I have the following network setup on my Windows server:

two subnets 192.168.0.* (subnet mask, no default gateway specified) and 192.168.1.* (subnet mask, default gateway
subnet 192.168.0.* is the ...

Routing 2 subnets [closed]

I have the following network topology as on the bellow picture.


Router A is connected to the internet and has local IP of It is also a DHCP and serves clients on LAN or WiFi.
Router B is connected directly via LAN (...