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Posts tagged as “network”

IPSec tunnel between 2 LANs using HSRP in each side

This is my first post here, so tell me if there's something I'm doing wrong.

I'm currently working with another IT student on our end of degree project and we're building our network in PT. Our current design has 2 LANS that...

Which steps with certificates

In my network-environment I have a lot of device-webpages (printers, Wifi-controllers, AntiVirus, ...). If I connect with the device-webpages, it tries to connect with HTTPS, but redirects me to HTTP. In the browser I see a l...

Advice to correct and improve a network diagram

I need to build a "secure"-network diagram with Visio for my school.
I already build it but I want to get some advise about it to tell me if I made some big mistake or if I can improve it. My diagram is a simplified view of a...

Can more than one person work at the same time in Packet Tracer?

I want to know if more of one person can work in packete tracer at the same time. For example if a friend from her house and I from mine could work in the same proyect of packet tracer at the same time and when we add or crea...

NMAP with Ethernet Switch

In my current network, my device is connected to an ethernet switch. There are other devices connected to the switch and switch is directly connected to the router. But there is a server and it is also directly connected to t...

Connecting two ISPs on one network

I am working in an institute where the internet connection is divided amongst 3 different floors: Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor. Now since I am new to the networking, I know the essentials.

There are two differe...

SonicWall global vpn

I have a SonicWall device, and I am new to them.
I created the global vpn and, after installing the SonicWall at the customer's site, wanted to make some configuration changes. I am using the global vpn client and I get conne...

ACL and ACEs Query

So i'm configuring a basic network and I need to create a couple of Extended ACLs. Now my question is, does this ACE permit any TCP connection to the following subnet?

permit tcp

SSH Hostname & Domain-Name [on hold]

Why Is It Required To Set a Hostname & a Domain-Name When Configuring SSH?, I Know Both Of Them Are Used To Generate The Key-Name But What Is The Use Of That Generated Key-Name?

Cisco 3750G alternatives without routing function [on hold]

I need some alternatives for cisco 3750g routable switch. It's kinda expensive, is there anything like cisco 3750g just without routing function?

I'm gonna use it for whole building, with 4 floors, +-20users per floor, so 80...