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Posts tagged as “network”

How many TCP and TLS handshakes can a server establish with clients?

I am interested in knowing how many clients a server can handle by:

establishing a TCP connection via a TCP handshake with a client and
establishing a secure connection with said client via a TLS handshake.

with the metric presumably mea...

Daisy chained ethernet: how to “tee” the loop without switch?

In this Schneider Electric white paper: Reduce Ethernet Connected Cost with Daisy Chain
The author provides a daisy chain Ethernet topology in Figure 3:

To connect the loop to another device (I'm calling this a "tee"), the fig...

Overlap with vlan10 [closed]

Having ip like
If i have
Vlan 1 (
Vlan 10 what should it be

i get overlap vlan error

Vlan 20

STP Portfast Networks

I have switched network and on all access ports I've configured
spanning-tree portfast edge

When I enable
spanning-tree portfast networks

on trunk ports 1/0/51-52 every access port is blocked.
Do I have a loop?

local error: tls: bad record MAC [closed]

(maybe I'm on the wrong site)
I'm installing a software called Pterodactyl (it can manage game servers) on 3 VPS I host on my server in my home network.
Here's how it works:

1x panel -> user interface for managing the servers
2x Wings ...