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Posts tagged as “network”

Troubles with recursive DNS using bind9 [on hold]

its my first question so sorry for whats about to become.
Im working setting up a dns server for my lan, that may use a given iterative root server to resolve others lans domains.

Ive configured it and localy it act as desir...


isTHERE AWAY I CAN PROTECT My Accounts and phone info on an andriod if I'm using a nieghbors wifi network like Keep my accounts from syncing to there wifi connected stuff

Map of WAN cables in general [on hold]

Whenever i search for the physical location and path of WAN connectivity, i only find submarine cables, and a site that seems like a paid service. Is there no free map where i can e.g. show the route that the connection from,...

How to build a career in Cybersecurity?

Hello I am second year BTech student from India and I want to build career in Cybersecurity so I would like some advice.

How do hackers hain access to a network through IOT devices?

Suppose we have a a thermometer that is connected to a wireless access point. The thermometer is using MQTT protocol (which is easily hacked) and the hacker wants to access the complete network to steal data. What is the next...