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Posts tagged as “Nintendo”

It’s a-Here, Mario!

Chris Pratt, look how you massacred our boy.

Which Pokémon game should I get for my kids – or myself?

From lapsed millennials ageing reluctantly into their 30s to families and new players, a guide to which of the many Pokémon games might be your vibeWhen Pokémon first arrived on the scene, on cheerful coloured Game Boy cartridges inside unassuming card...

Bayonetta 3 review – the weirdest game you’ll play this year

Nintendo Switch; Platinum Games/NintendoThis long-awaited action fiasco is like a ***** anime directed by Christopher NolanAt Japanese developer Platinum Games, the phrase “dress to ****” is taken very literally. Armed with pistols attached to her plat...

Nintendo Switch Sports review – the return of slapstick fun

Nintendo Switch; NintendoIt’s been a while since a video game got us up and moving like this, and happily it’s as entertaining as everFor all their polymath complexity, all their melding of artistic and cinematic and technical achievements, timeless vi...