Tag: Real Fruit Puree

Pineapple Puree

FruitBlendz Pineapple Puree is typically one of the hardest DIY purees to do. Our recipe makes serving this tropical flavor a breeze. Buy Pineapple Puree online now! This diet is more useful for dysphagia patient and who is suffering from Swallowing Deficiency. Dysphagia diet levels are foremost recognized by IDDSI. Let’s discuss more.

Pear Puree

FruitBlendz Pear Puree uses domestic pears versus Asian pears due to their ability to breakdown easier, and we use 100% real sugar. Buy Pear Puree online now!

Peach Puree

FruitBlendz Peach Puree is a delicious, full flavor puree. We source the best peach harvests globally and use 100% real sugar. Buy Peach Puree online now!

Real Fruit Puree

FruitBlendz™ Fruit Purees are ready-to-serve purees made with real fruit puree. They are the best pureed food for adults! Buy fruit puree online now!