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Posts tagged as “Security”

Top Best Achieving Solutions

Very often we have situation when we want to hide some emails that we are not ready to delete yet. Then we have a solution…


Introduction Security is becoming an escalation issue in the increasing technology world. The advent of the Web through which individuals and organizations can share information…

How to verify that a UDP port is open? [closed]

I have here a dilemma. I have a device that communicates to another remote device but there is a firewall between them. It's a UDP connection, so TCP utilities don't work to test if the specific port is open. I know that we c...

How to secure DMZ and client-to-client tunnel?

I found out our DMZ zone is not as secure as it should be.
We use NAT to translate internet services from DMZ to internet.
We have some developers out of organization. Some of them connect via client-to-client tunnel to spec...

Must a broadcast request come from the same network?

I was reading about Smurf Attacks and how Smurf Amplifier Registry keeps track of servers used for amplifying the attack, then I wondered, can a request coming from anywhere broadcast it to all parts on a network?

For exampl...

Unknown Unicast Flooding

I'm focusing currently on the "Unknown Unicast Flooding", and the proposed solutions from Cisco.

I really need deep information about:

Cisco Blocking Unknown Unicast Flooding (UUFB)
Unknown Unicast Flood Rate-limiting (UUF...