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Posts tagged as “Security”

how to make an obfuscated network cable [closed]

I want to make a scrambled network dongle (or cable) that must be inserted before a network drop can bring data. My question primarily stems from

how safe PoE is for devices connected with a "bad" cable and
if anyone h...

Configure a DMZ between two routers [closed]

I have two normal private customer routers. One Cable (Coax) Router from my ISP (which is very basic not to say sh*tty) and one DSL Router (Fritzbox).
I wanted to connect the second one to the first one so that I can use the Fritzbox as my...

Someone said I am being hacked. Were they right?

I paid an ethical hacker on a freelancing site to try and find evidence someone is hacking into my computer.
He came to the conclusion my router is hacked, because
a Huawei device, a certain IP which he identified as the hacker, a Winstron...

Finding patch levels on networking equipment

Our management wants to know twice a week which of our networking equipment like our Cisco ASA firewalls, routers are missing patches for the vulnerabilities.They also would like a report when needed on a short notice like 30 minutes befor...

Security Risk??? Cable Modem and Router on Same Subnet

I wanted to be able to log into either my cable modem (to get stats) or my LAN without setting up a static routing table. The cable modem (Arris) has a non-configurable, fixed IPV4 address of