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Posts tagged as “Security”

Monitor mode not showing data packets [closed]

On linux kali. I got an Atheros wireless adapater. I'm trying to capture data packets off the air and decypt them as an excerise. I apologize if this question is silly. The problem is that when I turn on the wifi monitor mode and choose a...

Deploy machine learning model on IoT motes in Cooja [closed]

I'm a data science student who is working on a machine learning security solution for IoT devices.
I will be using Cooja simulator (under Contiki OS) to deploy the model and test it, I have no idea how to acheive this, couldn't find tutori...

Configuring strict port isolation in home network [closed]

So my question is along these lines:
Configuring a network for 100% isolation (for security)
My goal: plug any device into a switch or router and no other (non-networking-infrastructure) device knows of it's presence or can communicate wi...