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Posts tagged as “Security”

can government change setting in my server? [on hold]

In Iran, the government shut down most Internet access, but some servers in some data centers still have Internet access.

So I opened an ssh connection to a (Internet-connected) server and tunneled my system. This worked f...

Will VLAN agnostic devices listen to VLAN tagged packets?

I have a network that looks kind of like this:

We have a shared physical network between guest and operations that I keep segregated by VLANs.

My knee **** was to keep all "operations" devices on the untagged "VLAN" and ju...

Port 23 open what to do [on hold]

i have this ZXHN H168N V3.1 router and i have installed eset internet security which says that port23 is open, when i checked my router settings it says tel net is using it. How can i fix this please help me.
Thank you

Using USG as firewall with Draytek, have i made a mistake?

something is bothering me with the way i set up a network, this is the setup.

I am using Vigor 2862 and Ubiquiti USG Firewall

Location 1

Draytek router connected to ADSL
Secure LAN to LAN VPN to location 2
USG WAN connect...

What are public facing interface

I am unable to find any post related to public facing interface. Somebody please elaborate. It would be very helpful if I can answer related to how do they work?