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Posts tagged as “Topology”

Where do I apply Access List in this scenario

[![Network topology-Intranet and internet**

Please refer to the attached image for easier comprehension.
My intention is for all the devices in the intranet to not be able to communicate with the internet (through the ISP router 1) excep...

Is there a recommended way of making Network Diagrams?

I am used to draw network diagram without following any particular template, norm or convention.

Is there such a thing ? Something like a framework to represent physical and logical diagrams or both at the same time.

How bandwidth is divided in a network? [on hold]

so given a certain bandwidth how is this bandwidth for a specific link divided when different links sprout out of a single link? Is it equally divided or it there a better optimal way? Also, this bandwidth may be further divi...

A small backbone topology and its traffic matrix for simulation

How can I get matrices for a small backbone topology and its traffic for simulation?

I have NSFNET topology and traffic matrices, but I want to test on some other real topologies. Something like Finland backbone or any other...

Which wireless network topology to use for moving nodes

So, I've been trying to implement something for a personal project of mine which requires me to implement a wireless network topology on some nodes. I implemented Wireless MESH network topology for the same.
The topology wor...

Connectivity problems in a topology

I cannot identify any network problems in the following topology.

Any help in identifying problems would be appreciated, and I would be happy to work on them.

MSTP Ring – Maximum Number Of Switches?

We have inherited a ring topology with 12 switches configured with MSTP. Each switch is either 4 or 8 ports but in general most are 4 port with 2 fiber uplinks that form the ring.

We are getting a what appears to be a significant number o...

What are the topologies used for distributed systems?

What are the topologies used for distributed systems?

Are they, :
Bus-Based Networks,
Crossbar Networks,
Multi-stage interconnection networks,
Completely-Connected Network,
Star-Connected Network,
Linear Arrays, Meshes...