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Posts tagged as “Topology”

How to change ip TTL=1 on flat network for security

Working on a network at an high rise apartment complex. They have a core router/firewall acting as dhcp server and about 7 switches (all l3 switches). They have a few vlans to segment traffic based of a few things; one of the...

Using VRRP instead of XSTP

Suppose there is a ring with two routers (L3 switch) and 3 switches. All devices are configured properly.VRRP is configured on both routers and one virtual gateway is introduced to switches and their clients.

Can I disable...

What happens if I connect several switches together in a loop?

Suppose I want to network a stadium and I have 20 switches connected in a loop. My goal is to be able to connect a laptop to any of the switches and connect to the network and limit my TTL going clockwise and counterclockwise...

Is this a valid OSPF topology?

In the following topology:

every Backbone router is an ABR.
Router 2 belongs to three different areas, area 0, area 1, and area 4.

is this a valid topology for OSPF ? it works as expected and it shows no misbehavior. however I can't fi...

ACL and ACEs Query

So i'm configuring a basic network and I need to create a couple of Extended ACLs. Now my question is, does this ACE permit any TCP connection to the following subnet?

permit tcp


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InterVLAN Routing Plan

My network currently has 7 VLANs (2 user, 1 voice, 1 server, 2 wireless, and 1 for our networked A/V equipment). All of our switches are layer 3 Cisco Catalysts. However, we currently have a router-on-a-stick configuration - our SonicWall ...