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Posts tagged as “Topology”

Network topology with big spanning tree diameter

I have a quite big network with spanning tree diameter 26 (if I count it correctly). It is build on Cisco swithes (mainly Catalyst 2960 and Catalyst 1000, two SG350), running rapid-pvst. It is now running with default spanning tree timers,...

Is this network a bus or a star?

I hope this is the correct place to post, apologies if not.
It seems this has a physical topology of a star but surely you are unable to tell what logical topology the network is using because this is defined as being protocols. (There is ...

Fabric Configuration?

I am a newbie at SAN Storage, i am using Cisco MDS 9148S and IBM Storwize V7000G2+, I had successed config zone and zoneset in my fabric and i accessed to LUN in my storage system but i have a question:

My SAN Storage have 4 FC Port in ea...

Subnet on internet/wan zone of three-legged topology

Based on your experience, is there another practical reason for an admin to create a subnet on the internet/unsecure/wan side zone of a three-legged topology except to allocate a pool of address for end-to-site remote access VPN?
Thank you...

Simulating an IoT Fog Cloud network [closed]

I would like to know if anyone here knows a network simulator like GNS3 in which i can emulate a network composed of two layers: a Zigbee network and some FoG nodes with minimal systems and one cloud node.
Zigbee devices are connected to g...

Where do I apply Access List in this scenario

[![Network topology-Intranet and internet**

Please refer to the attached image for easier comprehension.
My intention is for all the devices in the intranet to not be able to communicate with the internet (through the ISP router 1) excep...

Firewall placement

Most diagrams I come across are as follows:
ISP > router > firewall
However, wouldn't you want a firewall before the router to protect the router? E.g ISP > firewall > router

Is there a recommended way of making Network Diagrams?

I am used to draw network diagram without following any particular template, norm or convention.

Is there such a thing ? Something like a framework to represent physical and logical diagrams or both at the same time.

How bandwidth is divided in a network? [on hold]

so given a certain bandwidth how is this bandwidth for a specific link divided when different links sprout out of a single link? Is it equally divided or it there a better optimal way? Also, this bandwidth may be further divi...