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Talk about the characteristics of the use of grinding wheel cutting blades

I believe that we should all know something about it. The use of the grinding wheel is very extensive. It is the most important type of grinding tool in the grinding process. It is manufactured by a special process. However, the difference between the materials used and the corresponding production process may be that the characteristics of the grinding wheel produced are very different, so it has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity, and economy of the grinding. Here we will talk about the use of the grinding wheel aluminum flat cutting disc. Characteristics of the process.
Due to the intense friction, the temperature in the grinding zone is very high. This causes stress and deformation of the workpiece and even burns the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, a large amount of coolant must be injected during grinding to reduce the grinding temperature. The coolant can also be used. Chip removal and lubrication. The radial force during grinding is very large. This will cause the elastic deviation of the machine tool-grinding wheel-workpiece system so that the actual depth of cut is less than the nominal depth of cut. Therefore, when the grinding is to be completed, the tool should not be fed. Light grinding to eliminate the error. After the abrasive grain is blunt, the grinding force also increases, causing the abrasive grain to break or fall off, and the sharp edge is re-exposed. This characteristic is called self-sharpness. Self-sharpening makes grinding in It can be carried out normally within a certain period of time, but after a certain working time, it should be manually trimmed to avoid vibration, noise, and damage to the surface quality of the workpiece due to the increased grinding force. Since the grinding wheel itself has high hardness and heat resistance, Therefore, grinding can process materials with high hardness, such as hardened steel, hard alloy, etc. The characteristics of flat cutting disc on sale and grinding machine determine that the grinding process system can make uniform micro-cutting, generally ap=0.001~0.005mm; grinding High speed, generally up to v=30~50m/s; grinding Good stiffness; hydraulic transmission, thus grinding can be obtained economically high machining accuracy (IT6 ~ IT5) and a surface roughness (Ra = 0.8 ~ 0.2m) grinding method is one of the main parts of finishing.

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