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Taylor Tomlinson Side-Eyes Success in New Special

Even if she hadn’t just been appointed the new host of CBS’s After Midnight late-night reboot, comedian Taylor Tomlinson wouldn’t be short on recent accomplishments to tout. Coming off the heels of headlining the seventh-highest-grossing comedy tour of 2023, Tomlinson is getting ready to release her latest comedy special, Have It All. “I have to be honest: My career is going very well right now,” she says at the beginning of the trailer. But along with success comes trade-offs, a theme she digs into extensively in the new hour. “Nobody wants anybody to have it all,” she contends. “That’s why they keep putting out Marilyn Monroe documentaries where they’re like, ‘She was actually pretty sad!’ And we’re like, ‘Yeah, she ******* was!’”

Filmed at Capital One Hall in Tysons, Virginia, and directed by Kristian Mercado, Have It All marks Tomlinson’s third hour-long special for Netflix in four years, following 2020’s Quarter-Life Crisis and 2022’s mental-health-centric Look at You. Elsewhere in the trailer, Tomlinson offers more evidence to back up her central thesis: “If someone has their dream job and their soul mate, bare minimum, their parents better be divorced,” she reasons, her eyes widening. “I’d prefer they were an orphan.”

While Tomlinson may not be able to have everything she desires, one thing she can have is another widely viewed Netflix special. Help her achieve this goal when Have It All hits Netflix February 13.


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