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Terrorist Group

Part I: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

The ideology of the ISIS terrorist group that has significant control of territories in Iraq and Syria is described to base on Salafi, Salafism, Jihadism, Wahhabism, and Islamism. The group believes that it represents the restoration of the caliphate of early Islam and that all Muslims get required to pledge allegiance to it. It also believes that a Muslim who has been defiled must be purged of apostasy with ****** sectarian killings and that the final Day Judgment by *** is approaching fast and will be after the defeat of the army of Rome by the terrorist group. The ISIS terrorist group also believes that it is a must to have strict adherence to following precepts developed by the Prophet Muhammad together with his earliest followers, surpassing even the beliefs of other Salafi groups.

The Isis carries its attacks using a wide range of weapons including the use of weapons of mass destruction in which they carry out shootings, bombings, and so on. The ISIS has carried out attacks on the United States as well as in Saudi Arabia. The rationale for supporting ISIS terrorist group is as follows, “since ISIS, Osiris and Horus were the mythical guarantors of divine order it was inevitable that the Ptolemies were going to capitalize on this tradition so as to protect their political power and create a popular base of support” (McCabe, 2008).

Part II: Theoretical Model

The ISIS presents a significant threat to the security of the US, and it is the role of the Homeland Security to formulate and execute strategies that ensure the safety of American citizens as well as their property. Ever since the terrorist attack on the US on September 11, the US has faced an increasing number of terrorist and other physical threats. Terrorism acts refer to the unlawful actions of violence perpetrated by malicious people who threaten the safety of others (Gaspar, et. al., 2016). The ISIS also targets US ambassador locations in foreign countries thus necessitating for the need for improved security at the location. The Isis also threatens to destroy essential infrastructure in the US that plays critical roles in supporting the economy such as target on power plants or terrorist activities involving the transport infrastructure.

The protection of the US is the primary reason for the creation of Homeland Security; hence has to employee a wide range of organizational resources so as to undertake its job effectively (Relyea, 2002). The organization has to carry out extensive surveillance and intelligence so as to prevent and planned attacks in the country. Homeland also coordinates with law enforcement officers at points of entry such as airports and boundaries. Organizational resources used by Homeland Security include high-tech surveillance equipment and so on. These resources enable the US to respond efficiently to all kinds of terrorist attacks including biological attacks, chemical, nuclear and so on. Homeland security has cooperated with both domestic and international agencies to deal with terrorists. The invasion of Iraq by the US aims at disintegrating the base of the Isis and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups thus reducing the threat to the US. Homeland security has also adopted measures to minimize radicalization around the world hence preventing the growth of terrorist groups. The extensive resources used by Homeland Security assist in preventing and disrupting terrorist attacks and also destroys the organization of Isis and other terrorist groups.


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