That’s me in the picture: Hunter Gray is attacked at a civil rights protest in Jackson, Mississippi, 28 May 1963

‘They cut my face with sharp brass knuckles; someone cut the back of my head with the jagged edge of a broken sugar container. There was a good deal of blood’ I am half Native American, half white, and a lifelong activist. I’d been a professor at the almost all-black Tougaloo College, north of Jackson, for two years when this picture was taken. Back then I was called John Salter; I later reverted to my Native American name. In Mississippi at that time, racism and segregation were enforced by police power and vigilantes. My wife and I started mentoring students who were interested in fighting for civil rights, and in the spring of 1963 we arranged sit-ins at the Woolworth lunch counter where they had a “whites-only” policy. Continue reading...

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