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The 10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

If the limited viewing options this week haven’t tipped you off, January blues are swiftly kicking in. There’s no M3GAN like last year to hold us over until blockbuster season starts picking up. Instead, we have the return of Olivia Benson, a BBC mystery and a Hulu mystery series. Speaking of Olivia Benson (the other one, that is), the Criterion Channel has a cats-themed collection this month that will alleviate some of those aforementioned January blues. Onto the the rest of this weekend’s movie and TV recommendations. —Savannah Salazar

Featured Presentations

The Woman in the Wall

The premise for this series sounds familiar, a bit like Agatha Christie’s The Body in the Library. Ruth Wilson plays a woman who finds a corpse in her house and whose problems with sleepwalking mean she might be responsible for the woman’s death without knowing it. —Roxana Hadadi

<***>Streaming via Showtime

➽ Some of us are renting and can’t afford to buy a house with dead bodies in it or otherwise. Check your privilege, Showtime.

Sort Of, season three

In the closing season of this nuanced study of Sabi, a nonbinary nanny played with deep sensitivity by series co-creator Bilal Baig, Sabi navigates life after the loss of their father and the complicated dynamics of the family for whom they once worked. —Jen Chaney

<***>Streaming on Max

Death and Other Details

Oh, look, it’s another ******-mystery show on Hulu — and one of several detective shows out this January. Violett Beane stars as Imogene Scott, a woman stuck on a cruise liner after becoming the prime suspect in a puzzling ******. To clear her name, Scott teams up with detective Rufus Coteworth (played by Mandy Patinkin donning his most interesting accent). —S.S.

<***>Streaming on Hulu

Law & Order: SVU, season 25

Law & Order: SVU, which is now old enough to legally rent a car, is back for its 25th season. Kelli Giddish is returning for the premiere, which is fantastic news for my fellow Detective Rollins stans out there. Law & Order: Organized Crime and vanilla Law & Order are also back, but they’re not as important. Let’s be real. —James Grebey

<***>Streaming on Peacock

ACAB, except for Olivia Benson.

The Kitchen

Daniel Kaluuya makes his directorial debut in this dystopian sci-fi Netflix movie that doesn’t feel, you know, that implausible. In a future version of London, the wealth gap has widened to an even greater extreme and social housing has been eliminated, leading a group of people in a community known as “the Kitchen” to fight for their right to exist. —J.G.

<***>Streaming on Netflix

Cat Content

Criterion’s Cat Movies Collection

Look, even the most prestigious, high-minded streaming services aren’t immune from the allure of cat content. Lolcats may be out of style, but kitties still carry cachet on the internet. This eclectic collection features feline-focused films like Inside Llewyn Davis, Czech New Wave classic The Cassandra Cat, The Cat From Outer Space, the seminal horror film Cat People, and the insane gonzo Japanese horror movie House. —J.G.

<***>Streaming on the Criterion Channel

Not included in this collection? Cats (2019).

Animation Station

Solo Leveling

In Solo Leveling, one of 2024’s first big new anime releases, demons are invading from another dimension and Earth’s leading defenders are “hunters” — underpaid gig workers who slay monsters and loot dungeons as they try to resist the hordes. Based on the two episodes released, Solo Leveling is pretty fun, a show that gleefully peppers the tropes of role-playing games into a stylized action anime setting. Our hero, Sung, starts as the weakest hunter of all until a trip to a strange dungeon changes him forever. New episodes drop weekly, and the English dub premieres this Saturday. —Eric Vilas-Boas

<***>Streaming on Crunchyroll

Grand Finales

Fargo season five

Another chapter of Noah Hawley’s anthology series has come to a close, so if you’re behind now’s the time to see what exactly was going on with Juno Temple’s Dot. —S.S. 

<***>Streaming on Hulu

Reacher season two

“Hey, Big Guy. Sun’s gettin’ real low.” — Me to Reacher when his season is ending. —J.G.

<***>Streaming on Prime Video

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