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The 25 best Silverchair songs – sorted

Ahead of a new Daniel Johns solo album, we celebrate one of Australia’s most successful bands – retired, remarkably, when they were all just 27 Silverchair are arguably one of the most successful Australian bands of all time. With five albums spanning 12 years, all of which crashed into the charts at No 1, 8m international sales and 21 Aria wins, they certainly have the statistics to compete. Musically, each album represented a vast sonic leap from the last – testament to frontman Daniel Johns’ exploratory nature, the band’s musical dexterity, and the whims and fads of youth; when Silverchair retired, they were all only 27. With the release of Johns’ upcoming solo album, FutureNever, this week we’re celebrating the depth and variation of Silverchair’s catalogue with this definitive list. No further arguments: 25. Untitled
Let’s kick this countdown off with a rarity, as all self-servingly smug listicles should. When Silverchair were asked to provide a song for the 1998 Godzilla movie, it seemed a fait accompli that one of their dino-stomping riff-o-ramas would accompany slow-motion footage of the titular reptile laying waste to a cityscape. Instead, Silverchair delivered a bleak, untitled, acoustic ballad about eating disorders and suicidal ideation. The film went with Puff Daddy instead. Continue reading...

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