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The Bear Isn’t Catching Any Emmys for ‘Fishes’ Just Yet

If you, like many Americans, were traumatized by the events of episode six of season two of Hulu’s The Bear this summer — due to big acting by Jamie Lee Curtis, et al. — you’re not wrong for assuming that episode might just win a boatload of Emmys. But, despite the fact that the television awards are on Monday, January 15, six months after season two of The Bear premiered on Hulu, “Fishes” isn’t catching any Emmy Awards this time. Not because that’s not how fishing works, but because these are the delayed 2023 Emmys, celebrating season one of The Bear and any other show that came out from June 2022 to May 2023.

“But no,” you think. “Didn’t the Golden Globes just award The Bear season two last weekend?” Well, you’d be right. The Globes first awarded Jeremy Allen White for season one 367 days ago. The 2023 Emmys got pushed back from their usual June due to the strike. And because The Bear opened in the summer — after the nomination period — the Emmys have yet to get a chance to reward Carmy for his season-one behavior.

Other nominated shows that feel like they came out eons ago: House of the Dragon (which premiered in August 2022), Fleishman Is in Trouble (seriously that one feels like a decade ago), Wednesday (****** Mary please save me), and season five of The Crown (as opposed to the most recent season starring the Diana ghost). Sure, TV spirits, let’s get you into the afterlife.


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