The client’s vendor offshore relationship

The source of article “The Client–Vendor Offshore Relationship: Success Factors wrote byJeremy St. John1 and Carl Stephen Guynes and-and Richard Vedder2” is It is a journal based on Information Systems Management with materials retrieved from pages 120–125. The ownership is credited to Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. With an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1058-0530. It holds permission to print while online. The digital object identifier of the article is DOI: 10.1080/10580530.2014.890429.

 B. provide a summary of the content of the article,

The document contains a research work used in finding out the relationship that exists between client and vendors. The article uses a methodology referred to as Social Exchange Theory (SET). The reason for using SET is because it provides effective and efficient views of all human interactions during an exchange of both tangible and intangible resources. The SET methodology is also applied in organizations to ensure good organizational structure.  The article contains a survey with a sample data of 500 chief information officers. The sampled data is applied in answering questions such as what are important relationship factors leading to successful offshoring.The second question answered in the research is when building offshoring relationship are factors connected and if connected how are they connected? What is the impact of the identified relationships in information technology offshoring? The article also explains methodologies used in identifying and collecting data and information.

The hypothesis testing of data and information is also attached to the document. The information involving hypothesis testing is described as having ordinal data as well as non-normal distribution. It also describes how a different mode of communication formal and informal was applied in the data and information collection. It contains the results of analysis describing the reliability and consistency of studies. The document shows the relative relationship between variables. The variables discussed in the paper include trust, shared values, and dependence and partnership relationships. The paper presents an analysis of recommendations as well as concluding remarks about the research study.

  C. explain how it adds to the assigned readings, and

The article contents add to assigned reading through emphasizing on partnership relationships that require simple and flexible contracts. It provides information about client and vendor relationship. It emphasizes on the impacts of outsourced relationships based on manufacturing, starting contracts, as well as establishing client and vendor relationships. The article outlines different business interactions such as opening a business in abroad. The article has effectively and efficiently emphasized clear understanding of rapid and constant changes in technology. The article has introduced important evolving technology in business. The document has provided various factors affecting offshoring such as globalization. The power if the client-vendor relationship is one of the criteria applied in making offshoring an aspect of great importance. The analysis presented by case on the importance of checking key factors that are promoting the success of offshoring. The study has incorporated significance of leadership qualities that enhance effective and efficient coordination of activities to promote offshoring activities.

  D. provide your conclusions on the contribution the article makes to the topic.

The paper opens a new platform for enhancing development, growth as well as improvements in the field of business. It needs to carry out more research based on how effective relationships can be evaluated. The paper has provided new ways on which one should base argument when improving offshoring operations. Research opportunities and need for more discoveries have been created as a way of encouraging better changes in businesses. The article has brought about new ideas in working out detailed considerations and comparative variables that can guide in making better and responsive approaches. The paper has responded in different forms on research questions. The research paper has brought about the new methodology that facilitates easier data and information collection. The way if dealing with research question was excellent. It has introduced new approaches to answering questions and dealing with research questions. The formulation if thesis in the research paper was excellent and perfect. It has enhanced better and effective ways of dealing with thesis statements. The research paper formulated best responsive criteria on the thesis. The reliability of entire paper was excellent giving enough time to work test and understand the entire work. The testing of the hypothesis was also excellent; the paper has effectively and efficiently compiled all comparisons as well as considering the various elements, constraints and constant principles of the entire paper. 

  E. Also included must be an evaluation of how authoritative the article should be regarded. According to evaluation and validation performed on the paper, it is clear that the paper can be classified as an authoritative document.  The research paper conducted and compiled by Jeremy St. John1 and Carl Stephen Guynes and Richard Vedder on “The Client–Vendor Offshore Relationship: Success Factors” has good quality as well as flow worth to be used for studies. The authors Jeremy St. John1 and Carl Stephen Guynes and and Richard Vedder have strong backgrounds of knowledge, skills, and experience gained through teaching different universities. They have also worked in different universities in guiding various research work as well as conducting different projects. Jeremy St. John1 and Carl Stephen Guynes and Richard Vedder have participated in writing other books, articles, journals as well as publications. Most of their written work is used as primary, secondary and tertiary references. The book “The Client–Vendor Offshore Relationship: Success Factors has been referenced by different people including researchers, students, and government organizations among other users. It has been cited three times. It has been viewed by 379 people. The article content is well searched and gathered from different sources that have been approved. Most of the referenced materials are peer-reviewed documents. The number of referenced articles is over 50. The style applied to format the paper in APA style andInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) style in formatting the contents into two columns.Both styles are well applied in the entire paper. Copyright of this paper is recognized as the property of Taylor & Francis Ltd. However the material and content may not be copied or sent to several sites or posted to a list of servers without the copyright holder expressing a written permission. The free version is only available to users for printing, downloading, or emailing the article for individual use. Through the accessed information and other qualifying factors, I can classify the document as an authoritative document and can be applied in research in all institutions of learning and research.


Jeremy S., Carl G., and Richard V., (2014).The Client–Vendor Offshore Relationship: Success Factors.

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