The difference between resin bond cutting sheet and diamond cutting sheet

5 inch resin cutting disc for metal

Resin bond cutting sheets and diamond cutting sheets are all kinds of cutting sheets. What is the difference between the two?
Resin cutting piece is a cutting piece made of resin, such as phenolic, epoxy, polyurethane, etc., polyvinyl alcohol, resin cutting piece is high in strength, can add reinforcing fiber mesh and steel bar in aluminum abrasive cutting disc, such as cutting piece, grinding At present, most of the resin cutting sheets are not waterproof and can not be ground with grinding fluid. Of course, there are some resin cutting sheets that need to be added with grinding liquid grinding, such as epoxy. The grinding of resin cutting sheets is smooth and not easy. burn.
The resin cut sheets are generally classified into ordinary resin cut sheets and super hard resin cut sheets according to abrasives. The ordinary resin cutting sheet is a cutting piece mainly composed of white abrasive, brown fused alumina, silicon carbide and the like, and the super-hard resin cutting sheet is a 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal mainly composed of diamond or CBN.
Resin cutting discs for grinding high speed steel, tool and die steel and superalloys above FtRC50, super heat resistant stainless steel, cermets, ceramics, glassware, limonite, high speed steel, alloy tools and many others The ideal grinding tool for superhard materials.
Diamond cutting piece, which is made of diamond abrasive as raw material, and is made of metal powder, resin powder, ceramic and electroplated metal as bonding agent, and is made of round-shaped fixed abrasive with central through hole. It is also grinding cemented carbide and glass. Special tools for high-hard and brittle materials such as ceramics and precious stones.

The resin cutting piece is a cutting piece made of resin, which is widely used in the industries of cutting piece, double end face, heavy load cutting piece, polishing wheel, etc. The selection of the 14 inches cutting disc is seriously affecting the grinding effect and the grinding cost. Key factor. At the same time, different resin-cut sheets have different applications depending on the shape and size, and the abrasives and binders are different.
There are different types of refiners for resin-cut sheets, among which white fused alumina, black silicon carbide, and brown fused alumina are widely used.
1 White corundum (WA): The hardness is slightly higher than that of brown corundum. The toughness is lower than that of brown corundum. When grinding, the abrasive grains are easily broken, so the grinding produces small heat, which is mainly suitable for grinding hardened steel, stainless steel and high carbon. Metal materials such as steel and high speed steel.
2. Black silicon carbide (C): It is brittle and sharp, and its hardness is higher than that of white corundum. It is mainly suitable for grinding metal materials with low mechanical strength, such as cast iron, yellow copper and aluminum.
3 Brown corundum (A): high hardness and high toughness, mainly suitable for grinding metals with high tensile strength, such as cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, hard bronze and other metal materials.

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