‘The first cut I saw, I puked’: the story of MIA’s turbulent new documentary

From footage of a fragmented immigrant upbringing to arguing with Elastica and upstaging Madonna, director Steve Loveridge and MIA discuss 2018’s most illuminating pop doc

“The first cut he showed me, I puked,” says Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, AKA MIA, “and then I was ill for like four or five days.” She was watching a rough cut of Matangi/Maya/MIA, a documentary about her made by friend Steve Loveridge. The film makes extensive use of MIA’s own home movies. “It was awful when I watched it, the shock of it was insane,” she continues. “The shots with my mum, and us in the bedroom. And there was much more footage of my brother, which was really tough during those times. It still makes me emotional to think about it … ” Her voice trails off. She wipes tears from her eyes: “Yeah, it was very emotional.”

We are in a hotel suite in London. Loveridge is sitting beside her. “Very emotional,” he agrees sympathetically. “Because Maya hadn’t watched the tapes back for years and years.”

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