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The Significance Of Drums To Africans

For centuries, the drum has been an indispensable part of the lives of Africans. It is an ancient musical instrument used to celebrate all virtues of life.

In European culture, drum music is usually about entertainment. In Africa, the drum has a serious symbolic and historical significance. They predict political and social events.

Partake in birth, death, and marriage ceremonies. Also, they trigger courtship, foreshadow people’s comings and goings, and accompany religious ceremonies and rituals to summon the souls of ancestors.

Drums are used as an alarm or summoning missiles to provoke the emotion of fighting and war. They can also inspire passion and excitement, and even cause trance. A state where the drummer or listener temporarily loses consciousness.

It embodies and protects the royal family. Furthermore, the drums are often placed in sacred residences. On the battlefield, they are heavily guarded.

On the other hand, drums are about communicating and making music, which are two essential factors of community life. For centuries, “talking drums” have been the main source of communication between tribes. Sometimes it is used to transmit information over long distances.

Drums are still valued in African Culture in modern times.

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