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The Traitors Midseason Power Rankings: All About Peter

There are only two ways to win The Traitors. As a Traitor, the winner has to find a group of dupes who completely trusts them so much they’ll never expect them, and that Traitor betrays them in the end. (See Cirie Fields’s masterful victory last season.) As a Faithful, a player has to be wily enough to spot those Traitors, plan to expose them, and have enough trusted allies to vote with them to banish the Traitors, all while escaping ******. Right now, the only person with both of those paths to victory is The Bachelor’s Pilot Pete.

The last episode was not only the halfway mark for the game but also the ultimate cliffhanger: Peter was given the choice to join Parvati and Phaedra as a Traitor, and we’re not sure if he’ll give the Traitors his rose or tell them they’re not here for the right reasons. If he does defect, he’s in a perfect position to win, and if he doesn’t, he’s also in a perfect position to win. Man, it’s all about Peter.

The reason he’s in such a good situation is because two predominant cliques have formed in our favorite Scottish castle. The first is “Peter’s group,” comprising Peter Weber, Trishelle Cannatella, John Bercow, Carsten “Bergalicious” Bergersen, and Kevin Kreider, all of whom are Faithfuls. It’s the perfect crew to see him to the end, either as a Faithful or a Traitor; the question for Peter is whether he wants to risk exposure and being a bad guy by becoming a Traitor or keep playing a virtuous game. I can’t see him turning down the offer, personally, because he knows if he does he’s the Phaedra and Parvati’s next victim.

The other group in the house is the Bravo crew of Phaedra Parks, Shereé Whitfield, Mercedes “MJ” Javid, Kate Chastain, and Sandra Diaz-Twine, who has never been on Bravo (but maybe she can take over one of the ships on Below Deck). This also puts Phaedra in an excellent position. None of this crew suspects her (especially her RHOA sister Shereé), but unlike Peter’s group, Andy Cohen’s Angels haven’t really been rooting out Traitors or making huge moves in the game, making it a bit easier for them to escape ****** and banishment. Any Traitor who makes it to the end needs people who will trust them implicitly, and she totally has it.

But right now, the whole game turns on Peter’s decision, so let’s look at the power rankings for the second half of the season. (Our preseason ranking can be read here.)

Peter Weber (Previously No. 13)


Game So Far: Pilot Pete has surprised everyone, including himself, by being the best player in the game. He singlehandedly concocted the trap of not telling anyone who had a shield, which saved Bergalicious’s life and put a spotlight on the Traitors, two of whom he’s already uncovered. His pole position here is predicated on the assumption that he’s going to choose to be a Traitor, an unresolved cliffhanger at the end of episode six. Even still, he’s played a masterful game as a Faithful, forcing the Traitors to recruit him and exposing both of them in the process.

Path to Victory: Right now everyone believes Pete is a Faithful because of his hard-charging plan that led the group to de-hooding its first Traitor. If he switches, no one will believe he’s a Traitor and, as outlined above, he has a ******** group of Faithfuls in his thrall that he could take to the end and ultimately betray. However, totally switching up his game from Faithful to Traitor halfway through could prove perilous. Getting rid of Parvati should be a snap, but that means Phaedra might turn on him next. Since they both have an equal number of allies, deciding who to ******, when, and why could put a wedge between them. It’s not going to be easy, but Peter has proven he has the chops.

Phaedra Parks (Previously No. 4)


Game So Far: Did you see the way that Shady Phae Phae cleared Dan Gheesling when he brought her name up at the round table? Or how about “Nobody likes you, Parvati, and everyone thinks you’re a ******* Traitor”? Amazing. She’s playing a nearly perfect game, sticking close to her Bravo girlies but also forging deep (and adorable) bonds with outside players like CT and “Bergalicious,” whom she gave an inescapable nickname.

Path to Victory: Phaedra’s under-the-radar game went perfectly until Dan blew up her spot at the roundtable and Trishelle figured out that Dan needed to feed them a Traitor and is on to Phaedra. She needs to keep her allies close, but considering most of her allies are the “trusting but dumb” sort that propels Traitors to victory, “having the numbers,” as they say on Survivor, should work in her favor. She also needs to keep the heat on other people and get rid of Peter’s crew to make it to the end. Phew, that sure is a lot. It’s a good thing she is the best arguer left in the castle.

Kate Chastain (Previously Wild Card)

Photo: Peacock

Game So Far: She arrived late, and so far, all she’s done is wear cute outfits and make viewers laugh with her ****** quips. But that, combined with the fact that she’s the only one who has played this game before, gives her an advantage: Everyone is already so wrapped up in their own theories and alliances at this point she’s been able to escape scrutiny. But that advantage won’t last longer than a few episodes, so it all comes down to how she plays it from here.

Path to Victory: If she continues to stick with the Bravo crew as a Faithful, her biggest hurdle will be rooting out Phaedra as a Traitor. However, I think Kate’s clearest path is to be recruited as a Traitor, a role she (and viewers) would cherish. That would give the Bravo babes a plurality on the traitors and, if they can get rid of enough of Peter’s posse, in the game. Please, please, please, please make Kate a traitor. We deserve it.

Chris “CT” Tamburello (Previously No. 18)


Game So Far: I’ll admit it: I wildly underestimated this Challenge beast. Even though Peter suspected him of being a Traitor and leaked the info about the shield to him, he has somehow cleared his name. He takes a little bit of heat, but being stern and unwavering has gotten him pretty far.

Path to Victory: Just like Parvati, he isn’t aligned with either of the two prevailing groups in the house, but I think that puts him in an ideal position for rooting out Traitors without getting blinded by alliances. However, he’s going to need the allies he’s lacking to root out those traitors, so some alliance-building is necessary if he doesn’t want to end up looking just like Dan, a known traitor. His strong and silent gameplay and lack of a core group could lead to banishment as the numbers dwindle.

Sandra Diaz-Twine (Previously No. 10)


Game So Far: She was smart to get with the Bravo girls (and boot out Larsa, who was leading the group and didn’t like her), but so far, Sandra hasn’t done much to help in challenges or expose a Traitor.

Path to Victory: It will be tough for her because she has a lot of affection for Phaedra, which will either keep her in the game or get her a lot of heat should Phaedra be banished. However, she’s not such a ******** Faithful that she represents a ******-worthy threat, so I think Sandra could eke her way to the finals regardless.

Carsten “Bergalicious” Bergersen (Previously No. 16)


Game So Far: He’s been likable and low-key, and everyone is convinced that he’s a Faithful. He figured out Dan was a Traitor and, with Peter’s help, got him to attempt an execution that was thwarted with a shield.

Path to Victory: If Peter doesn’t become a Traitor (but, come on, why wouldn’t he?), Bergie’s ideally situated in a tight five of all Faithfuls and will surely be executed soon since he’s onto Parvati. If Peter does accept the invitation, I see him taking Bergie to the end and stabbing him in the back. But he has more staying power than some.

Trishelle Cannatella (Previously No. 6)


Game So Far: She’s boo-ed up with the Faithful crew, has the trust of CT, and everyone thinks she’s on the good side, which she is. Also, she seems to have learned from unnecessarily charging at Peppermint in the first week and has dialed back her game just enough.

Path to Victory: So far, she’s been a savvy shield hunter, and she’ll have to keep it up because she’s such a Faithful she’s going to get murdered soon.

John Bercow (Previously No. 8)


Game So Far: He got some heat early on for breathing too loudly, but since then he’s mostly stayed quiet and helped the team. In the last episode they elected him to pull the cord on the catapult because he’s the “most Faithful of the Faithful.”

Path to Victory: This guy is so murdered. His only bet is for Peter to drag him, Bergalicious, and Kevin to the end, but even then I don’t think he’ll glom onto Peter being a Traitor.

Shereé Whitfield (Previously No. 9)


Game So Far: We are six episodes in and I am convinced Shereé still doesn’t understand the rules.

Path to Victory: She seems to be the one person on Phaedra’s “Do Not ****” list, so if Phaedra stays in power she could drag Shereé to the end. If Shereé can figure out the rules by the final banishment and sacrifice Phaedra, she could end up with a surprise victory.

Kevin Kreider (Previously No. 17)


Game So Far: He’s done nothing except be ******, chew with his mouth open, and annoy MJ. Oh, and he came for Janelle, which was ****** and wrong, just like Kevin. (Sorry, Kevin! Love you on Bling Empire.)

Path to Victory: He’s taken no Traitor heat so far, which means he’ll probably be murdered. The only way he gets to the end is if the Traitors keep him around because they think he’s too dumb to suss them out, and even then, they would take the money.

Mercedes “MJ” Javid (Previously No. 20)


Game So Far: After everyone thought the Traitors would **** her for being too well-liked and obviously a Faithful, she’s receded into the background, mostly going along with the Bravo club.

Path to Victory: She hasn’t had any theories or guesses that have worked out, so she will be either murdered or betrayed in the end.

Parvati Shallow (Previously No. 1)


Game So Far: I said if they made her a Traitor she’d win the whole thing, but Parvati’s gameplay has been spotty at best. She couldn’t get anyone to drink from her poisoned chalice, and aligning herself too close to Dan left her exposed. Her name is on everyone’s lips, and it’s going to take some great gameplay to turn the tide.

Path to Victory: Sorry, I just don’t see it. Since she’s not aligned with either Peter’s group or Andy Cohen’s harridans, she’s very exposed, and people are already suspecting her. Even if she does manage to recruit Peter, nothing is keeping him from throwing her under the bus so that he will look even more like a Faithful, which I suspect will happen at the next round table.

In Memoriam 

What we’ll remember most about the dearly departed.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (Previously No. 19): Not much, honestly.

Peppermint (Previously No. 12): A few great outfits and a pair of teeny tiny gloves I’m convinced Alan stole from her. Her elimination was ******, baseless, and she deserved better.

Marcus Jordan (Previously No. 11): His leaving prompted Larsa to make a toast, which led Janelle to have the dumbest idea ever for who might be a Traitor.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Previously No. 15): That jawline!

Deontay Wilder (Previously No. 14): Dude, it is only a game. No one really died.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu (Previously No. 3): “Lord, not Ekin-Su. Sweet baby Jesus, not Ekin-Su.”

Larsa Pippen (Previously No. 21): Shockingly much more likable here than on The Real Housewives of Miami while being equally narcissistic.

Tamra Judge (Previously No. 7): Trying to figure out if John had asthma or not was as good a plan as any.

Janelle Pierzina (Previously No. 5): Janelle’s biggest problem was always playing too hard.

Dan Gheesling (Previously No. 2): Dooming his own game by being a ****** and dooming Phaedra’s in an attempt to do Dan’s Funeral 2: The Way of Water.


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