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The Wall of Liars and Deniers: the artwork compiling the biggest US election lies

A Brooklyn installation shows every lie told by Donald Trump and his cronies about a ‘stolen election’ “I read this book called The Dictator’s Handbook, and if Trump could read, I’d have said he was going word-for-word from this book.” I’m talking with artist Phil Buehler, who recently installed a 50ft long banner called the Wall of Liars and Deniers, centered around Donald Trump’s “big lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Comprised of the tens of thousands of lies Donald Trump has made since being elected president, and culminating in Trump’s big lie, the project’s aim is to break through the desensitization that has inevitably set in after years of wall-to-wall coverage of Trump’s political career. “It’s really corrosive on our democratic system, that people stop believing in free and fair elections,” said Buehler. “It’s truly a danger to our democracy.” The Wall of Liars and Deniers is a successor to another wall of Trump lies that Buehler created and installed in summer 2020. Buehler’s earlier project was called the Wall of Lies, and it documented some 30,000 lies Trump told while in office – it was an offshoot of a plan to spend a week reading out all of Trump’s lies on Radio Free Brooklyn that had been shelved due to the Covid pandemic. The eventual 50ft Wall of Lies, installed on an unassuming street in Bushwick, became the center of much fanfare, even drawing at least one major politician. Continue reading...

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