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‘There’s this inherent censorship’: how trans cinema has endured over time

In the 25th edition of the groundbreaking San Francisco transgender film festival, sidelined narratives take center stage For a quarter of a century, the San Francisco transgender film festival (SFTFF) has defined itself by being anti-corporate, anti-mainstream and extremely open to the kind of experimentation and diversity that characterizes the communities it strives to serve. Speaking with Shawna Virago, the festival’s artistic director, her commitment to these values is clear. “I’m very honored to keep our festival’s foundational, radical edge,” Virago told the Guardian. “Yet you can be radical and welcoming and compassionate all at the same time, and we’ve kept that going for 25 years.” The 2022 festival is an important one for Virago, as it marks a return to in-person screenings after two years offering an online-only experience. This year, the SFTFF is trying out a hybrid approach, showcasing films both online and at its longtime venue, the Roxie theater in San Francisco’s Mission District. Continue reading...

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