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Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography

King, S. (2017). The Pros and Cons of the President’s Immigrant Travel      Ban. Congressional Digest96(3),      16-26.

King’s article conducts an assessment of the statement made by Steve King who is the US representative in the Senate about trump’s executive order on immigration. According to him, the ban that has been instituted by President ***** is not a ban on the Muslims but one that puts travel ban from the seven countries that have a Muslim majority.  King further argues that the Trump ought to have begun with Indonesia rather than Syria as well as Iraq and the war-torn countries if he truly wanted to prevent Muslim countries from coming to the US. The article by King is an attempt to sterilize the evident ethnocentrism by the current administration that has preconceived notions of Muslims, labeling them as terrorists and thus instituting policies that are evidently divisive.

Statement by Union Theological Seminary in the City Of New York Condemning the       Trump  Administration’s Immigration Ban. (2017). Network News, 18-21.

The article presents a report on the statement by the Union Theological Seminary in New York relating to the immigration ban that has been implemented by President Donald Trump. According to the article, the ban has led to the increase in the cases of bigotry on the entire Muslim religion, leading to increasing cases of intolerance as the public has been rallied against the Muslim religion. Further, the ban by President Trump has served to brand entire countries as terrorists as well as sympathizers, raising an environment that cultivates suspicion and bias towards the Muslim community. The rejection of the Islamophobia has additionally been propagated by the ban since Muslims have been considered as outright terrorists.

Taub, A. (2017, February 2). The Travel Ban and an Authoritarian ‘Ladder of        Violence’. New York Times.   p. A7.

Taub in the article conducts a review of the rules that have informed the travel ban as implemented by President Donald Trump. According to him, the president saw if it fit to ban seven Muslim countries from coming to the use. According to Taub, these rules have major adverse impacts, with the formation of a targeted group in the population being a negative element in the contemporary society. The rules as instituted by President Donald Trump are an assertion that Muslims are terrorists and thus should not be admitted to the US. The assertion, in this case, leads to a situation whereby the US population that professes Muslim religion becomes a target as the society is cultured to look at them differently. The implication of these bans is going to encompass an increase in the number of violent acts against the Muslim community in the society.

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