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‘This is a state of emergency’: the US billboards using art to urge abortion access

In states across the US with restricted access to abortions, artists have designed billboards to insist on voters to prioritise women’s health in time for the midterm elections For the next few weeks, passersby in 12 US cities, many in states with curtailed or tenuous abortion access, will see clear, strikingly positive messages responding to the reproductive health crisis in the US. “Abortion is Healthcare,” says one billboard in Louisville, Kentucky, where the right to abortion is on the ballot this week, around two pink stethoscope cords in the shape of a uterus. In New Orleans, a sign blares “THANK GOD FOR ABORTION” in stark black and white, an angel flying off the top right corner. In Atlanta, site of two of the most closely watched midterm races this year, a background of lush green leaves underscores blooming text composed of tropical flowers: “ABORTION IS LIFE.” Continue reading...

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