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Tim Heidecker: ‘I’m trying to be an antidote to the toxic side of comedy’

Best known for his inventive work with Tim and Eric, the absurdist comic talks about playing it straight as a ‘legit’ singer-songwriter, and his newest creation: a ‘belligerent and terrible’ standup comedian Growing up, Tim Heidecker didn’t know who he was supposed to be. “I was a mess,” he says, recalling his school years. “Caught in the middle of different social groups – I was in the theatre scene, I had a band, I went through hippy manifestations with long hair and a goatee. To this day, I still have trouble identifying my identity.” This split identity has carried through into 2023, as Heidecker gears up to tour the UK as both comic and musician. His band, the Very Good Band, will be supported by Heidecker playing a bitter and flailing standup comedian. The character that goofs on “hacky and pandering” comics, and tours under his catchphrase banner No More Bullshit. Continue reading...

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