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Tips for Window Cleaning and carpet cleaning

Tips for Window Cleaning-The window cleaning is a nagging challenge for many women. Everywhere you see right now in spring fresh, trimmed and bright window. But often it is not even satisfied with his work. Streaks after cleaning, wiping streaks or soap residues are persistent annoyances and no great motivation for the next cleaning. Here you can get free tips on how to clean discs streaks.

But there are helpful tips on how to clean his windows in a simple way to get a radiant glow.

Which lobe is suitable?
Use for window cleaning a simple cloth and cotton. He should not fuzz and are used only for cleaning the windows. Oily residues are otherwise always be seen on the glass surfaces.
Some swear by cloth made of microfiber. It is in your taste, whether you want to use a cloth from simple cotton or microfiber. Both clean at the end of the window well.

Clean the glass surfaces

Use for window cleaning lukewarm water.
If your window is very *****, it is best to wash the windows only with warm soapy water. Start here with the frame and then the window. Change the water once it is *****, otherwise the dirt on the next window is distributed.
Normally soiled windows are very clean with lukewarm water and a little vinegar. Alternatively, lemon juice can be taken. As a further alternative is to rinse aid for dishwashers. All three additives solve the partially streaky film on the windows and make sure that the dirt does not adhere to the glass surfaces again so quickly.

The trick – once lengthwise and once crosswise
Who does not know? The windows are cleaned on both sides, but one can recognize in retrospect *****. Especially annoying when the windows of a conservatory in the gable area. But which side? Clean the entire window again? – A simple trick: cleaning the windows on the inside and the outside windows across the long side. So you can always easily see where the wiper ***** must be removed. to clean carpets you can book oracle carpet cleaning Brisbane

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