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To create a Business Intelligence (BI) solution using Microsoft BI tools for IT

What you plan to accomplish and why: The purpose of the research study is to develop a Business Intelligence (BI) system using Microsoft frameworks such as SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS. The BI systems shall be characterized by the capability to perform business analysis for sales and marketing reports. The systems shall be designed such that they shall be capable of analyzing customer transactions to determine their trends in business operations such as behavior in buying as well as their purchasing patterns. The proposed project is determined to help business management in making informed decisions through providing a complete definition of detailed data and information collected from various sources. The BI systems shall be integrated with Hadoop databases as well as analytical tools such as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). The systems shall be capable of performing data mining operations from different databases such as SQL, Oracle, and Microsoft servers.

What the situation is that you want to improve: The proposed BI system is intended to improve the current problems associated with data and information analyzing. The project is focusing at automating the business analyzing operations to eliminate human errors, mistakes, and lack of accuracy in determining future trends. The project shall provide new techniques such as social analytical software capable of collecting customer taste and preferences to determine future demand and supply in production. The system will replace the traditional statistical calculation of probability with online service systems that collects data, computes the results and performs Extraction, translation, and loading operations. The system shall be capable of providing accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reports facilitating accurate decision making. The analysis shall include Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to generate secure, reliable data and information about sales and marketing.

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