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Top 7 Flipbook Software Tools for Online Flipbook in 2019

The local charity that I volunteer for is now using flipbook software to disseminate information to our donators and Board members. Flipbook software has helped to increase our public base with flappable high-def photos and informative content that is easy to peruse. Questions about our history or mission are answerable through the flipbook publications that we created from PDF files and certain flipbook software.

We have almost negated our use of traditional printed pamphlets and brochures because we can incorporate all our marketing content into readable and fun flipbooks. Since learning how to use flipbook software, I look forward to using the latest flipbook technology for 2019.

In researching about new flipbook software, I came across 7 online creative flipbook software tools that will are being introduced in the latter part of 2018 and more fully marketed in 2019.

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