Traffic of idle OpenVPN connection

I have a mobile gateway connected to my VPN via OpenVPN and a 2G connection. Now I observe some unexpected traffic (~20MB / day) and wonder where it comes from. While I'm connected to the gateway I see most traffic flowing to my VPN Server (but that might also be my active connection).

So my question is: what is the average traffic caused by OpenVPN when my gateway is connected to the VPN but not sending data through it?

I do not have redirect-gateway def1 enabled.

To monitor real time traffic I used iftop; for long time monitoring the OpenWRT on my gateway does not have any of these packages available: wrtbwmon, vnstat, YAMon, luci_app_statistics, bandwidthd, ntop

Any hints how to find our where my traffic comes from (IP, Port, Process) in the long term would also help me a lot.

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