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Transmit multiple networks over one cable? [closed]

        I have a single physical cable running in a rather inconvenient place - it takes my cable modem's output and delivers it to my main router, located in a room a couple hundred feet away.  Running another cable is not really an option.  Moving the main router is also not an option: it's placed centrally for wifi coverage.
There are a couple of devices physically near the cable modem (start of the cable) that CAN connect over wifi (what I'm currently doing) but I would prefer to wire for a faster signal. Is there a way to run the cable modem's signal one way over the cable to the main router, then a signal from the router BACK over the same cable to physically connect these devices? Would a switch between the modem and the router (to which the other devices could also be connected) work? I get the feeling they won't know what to talk to if I do that.

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