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Two databases in IOT solution

Disclaimer: This is an IOT architecture / system question, I hope this is the right place to ask just a question.

After successfully, setting up my sensors and capacitors where I am now able to receive data and send actions, I'm now working on the next level of the architecture: the backend (persistence, APIs).

I have thought of setting up a InfluxDB database to save my IOT sensor values and status messages, and a relational database to save general information: user table, devices config, etc. The relational database will be "exposed" with a Restful API which will be used by the frontend.

And now for my questions; is it good practice to have two databases (influxDB and a relational db) in such a solution, like mentioned above: influxdb will hold sensors readings and the relational database will serve my frontend. Is this considered good? And concerning the Restful API, is sending MQTT actions over the REST API doable/suitable? Or am I better off using websocket over MQTT to directly communicate to the broker in the frontend and activate my capacitors?

Any help would be appreciated!

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