Two ports both in VLAN 1 on two separate switches down/down

For someone who recently got their CCENT, I feel kind of stumped.

I have two switches, both are Cisco 3550s. I am using VLAN 1 as a management vlan and on S1, I assigned IP address to VLAN 1. On S2, I assigned IP address to VLAN 1.

Both VLANs on both switches have been issued the no shut command, all the normal stuff, I have done.

If I issue sh ip int brief, all ports are in VLAN 1 respective to each switch. Port 1 on S1 is plugged into Port 1 on S2. Both ports are in VLAN 1 and in the subnet. Both ports, I have issued duplex full speed 100 on and did no shut. But both ports are down/down as if a cable is not connecting them.

I am stumped, what am I doing wrong? I have the switchport mode access command on both ports as well. Please help! Thank you for your time!

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