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Types and comparison of sports flooring

The application of sports flooring in hospitals has become an inevitable trend, and the import of detachable wood look indoor sports flooring and domestic brands in the market are dazzling. How to choose genuine flooring from the mixed market, we will first classify sports flooring. Compared:
Mainly used in hospital operating rooms and ICU wards. Because of the many electronic precision instruments in the operating room and ICU wards of the hospital, special attention must be paid to electrostatic protection. It is clearly stated in the European standard EN108l that the hospital’s operating room should use the “conducting floor” with a resistance value of l 0 Q for safety. The resistance is measured in ohms (Ohms/Q). The lower the resistance, the better the conductivity of the material. The conductive static floor is a homogenous core-type sports floor. The quality of domestic and foreign brands is uneven, and the price gap is also very large. It is difficult to judge the quality of the product from the appearance of the product. The main difference is the proportion of added fillers. The price of the fillers is very cheap compared to PVC raw materials. The more fillers are added, the more physical properties of sports flooring are degraded, and the products are hard and brittle. The easiest way to check is to recurve the folded product and see what happens to the product and how it has changed since it was folded and folded many times. There is no change in the good product; medium will have obvious stretch marks, and it will not be restored; if it is bad, it will be broken.
Multi-layer composite elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court is a composite of multi-layer materials, generally 4 to 5 layers of structure, each layer has a special effect. The surface is treated with polyurethane (PU or PUR). The PU/PUR treated floor has stain resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial and antibacterial properties, anti-iodine, impermeability, easy cleaning and maintenance savings. Characteristics such as waxing times are less than homogenous bodies.
The homogenous core-type sports floor has no high-purity PVC wear-resistant layer on the surface layer, and has poor stain resistance, and is highly susceptible to colored pollution (especially iodine). Therefore, it is necessary to wax 3 to 5 layers after the floor construction is completed. Wax water, protect the floor from pollution, wear resistance is also lower than the wear layer is greater than 0. Dram’s composite sports flooring. The color layer of the multi-layer composite sports floor: colorful, diverse, various textures, marble, ceramic tiles, carpets, wood grain, individual patterns, realistic texture, real floor bump effect; homogenous floor only single processing Imitation stone effect
The middle layer of the multi-layer composite sports floor will introduce a reinforcing structure with enhanced dimensional stability, which can ensure the floor is protected from thermal expansion and contraction, and will not deform and stratify; the homogenous body floor has a large thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, and winter The laid floor may be drummed during the summer. The bottom layer of the multi-layer composite sports floor will do some special treatment to improve the adhesion of the floor.
Some foreign elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court manufacturers have absorbed the characteristics of the PUR treatment layer on the composite floor surface, and the PU/PUR treatment of the homogenous core floor surface has also greatly improved the homogeneity.
The floor is resistant to dirt, abrasion, antibacterial, mildew, and maintenance. However, some manufacturers have increased the content of stone powder in the homogenous floor in order to reduce the cost, so that the brittleness of the product is increased and the mechanical properties are degraded. In addition, the impact resistance of the homogenous floor is also worse than that of the composite sports floor, which is easy to leave pits due to external impact.
It can be seen that the multi-layer composite sports floor is more suitable for medical use than the homogeneous core-type sports floor.
The foamed multi-layer composite sports floor has the advantages of stronger sound absorption and more comfortable foot feeling because the foamed layer has a honeycomb-like special structure. This is due to the addition of a blowing agent to the foamed layer during the production of the sports floor. However, it is precise because of the addition of the blowing agent that the mechanical properties and mechanical properties of the material itself are degraded. The foaming agent will destroy the originally stable network structure of the polymer to a certain extent, which is also the poor bearing capacity of the foaming sports floor, such as leaving a significant dent after the cart or table and the chair is placed. In addition, the blowing agent itself also has some residual impurities that are not completely reacted, and they will also volatilize into the air in future use, which is not good for human health. In terms of performance, the foam bottom sports floor is more suitable for libraries and fitness centers, while the dense bottom sports floor is the first choice for hospital engineering (except for special hospitals that require static electricity).

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