Unable to route Public IPs over private network [on hold]

I have the following setup;

Router A
Interface 1:

Route added on Router A to access via

Router B
Interface 1: VPN Interface:

VPN Client Connects to Router B gets IP:

I am able to ping from Router B (VPN server) and I can ping from Router A. But I can't access from Router A. I can see traffic goes to the interface of Router B but won't reach the client. I don't want to use NAT here, but want to locally route public subnet.

Looks like I am missing something or NAT is the only way here?

The idea behind is that I want to be able to BGP advertise a Public subnet via VPN client going through Router A. In other words, want to use the BGP subnet from router A on a physically different location. Now I can have privet BGP session with the remote network but the VPN client network does not have a Public IP address. Any ideas?

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