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Unique new trend of suspended plastic flooring

Suspended plastic flooring has appeared more and more in front of the public and has been loved by the public. The suspended floor is durable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and beautiful. It is used in college basketball courts, large badminton halls, community kindergartens, indoor and outdoor stadiums. In the sports venues and other places, suspended assembled floors are used. Thanks to the design of the splicing and splicing of the splicing, the detachable futsal sport floor tiles is more secure and less prone to water accumulation. In the future sports flooring market, there will be greater demand for suspended plastic flooring. Materials, wear resistance, and price are all factors to consider when purchasing and installing. The material determines the quality. For the floor, the material is the most important environmentally friendly and beautiful. The suspension-assembled sports flooring is mainly composed of PP polypropylene, but some of them will be shoddy. We choose to find some more reliable ones and provide perfect after-sales warranty service. Suspended plastic flooring has unique advantages and leads the new trend in the detachable indoor sport surface industry with the following 11 reasons:

  1. Assembling the sports floor stitching buckle installation, the construction is simple, the construction quality is controllable and the degree of adjustment is high.
    2, modified treatment, anti-aging, anti-shock, anti-ultraviolet, high quality and durable life.
    3, high temperature and low temperature resistance, all-weather use.
    4, light stability processing, to ensure the color color firmness.
    5, sufficient materials, food-grade materials, non-toxic and tasteless, green and environmentally friendly.
    6, the surface of a variety of lines, beautiful and generous, firm and stable. The surface layer is treated with a circular arc for safer movement and less scratching.
    7, the product has vertical damping and stronger lateral buffering.
  2. The bottom “arched bridge” structure, the curved beam is high, and the ribs are thick and strong.
  3. The number of support points at the bottom is sufficient, the contact surface is wide, and the grip is firmer.
    10, the classic lock connection method, construction under low temperature, no buckle does not trip.
    11,standard with normal edge, angle.
    12, the service life of more than ten years.
    13, the drainage is rapid, good cleaning, good maintenance.
    Suspended plastic floor environmental protection material, waterproof and anti-corrosive, does not contain harmful heavy metal substances or volatile substances; high-tech material formula provides good weather resistance, low temperature resistance up to minus 40 degrees; super long service life and wear resistance Sexuality, minimize environmental stress, durable and non-fading; after use, the product can be recycled 100%. Provides good sliding friction coefficient and rolling load for the surface texture designed for sports competition; each floor has a cross support foot to suspend the panel to the ground; the suspension design provides good impact absorption, ball rebound and vertical deformation characteristics. The reinforced locking system is designed to have good tensile strength and meet the needs of high-intensity sports competitions. The side cushioning design reduces the pressure on the knee joint, provides excellent horizontal cushioning force and reduces sports injuries. Widely used in various types of stadiums, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts and other indoor and outdoor sports venues, venues, schools, kindergartens.
    The unique advantages ofdetachable outdoor sport court tiles lead the new trend of sports flooring industry to share this, welcome everyone to leave a message, if you like, you can pay attention to sc-zsfloor sports ground material and share it with friends.

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