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Unstable review – this Rob Lowe nepo-sitcom is staggeringly joke-free

The actor stars alongside his son (playing his son) in a nauseatingly schmaltzy, second-tier comedy. It’s utterly unfunny, but at least its lead is as charming as ever

That the name of the eccentric biotech-genius-entrepreneur protagonist of Unstable is Ellis Dragon tells you everything you need to know about this Netflix comedy series. It knows it is supposed to be funny – it is absolutely committed to being so – and yet every effort just misses.

Ellis is played by Rob Lowe. Slightly more rumpled than he was in The West Wing, slightly less chiselled than he was in St Elmo’s Fire, but still dependably Rob Lowe – quick, charming and accomplished at selling the **** out of anything he finds himself in, which is the most valuable of his assets here.

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