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Use of Cheap Grinding Disc

Let’s talk about the other influencing factors after the last two influencing factors about the cheap grinding disc.

1. Diamond dresser

The normal line of the diamond pen and the cheap grinding disc should have an angle of 15°. The diamond pen can rotate several faces to keep the sharpness for a long time. If the diamond pen is blunt, it will not be checked and replaced, and the cheap metal grinding disc is still being repaired. Imagine that the quality of grinding is not good.

2. Grinding machine maintenance work

According to the safety maintenance requirements, the machine needs regular maintenance. If the maintenance work is not taken seriously in order to save expenses, the machine condition is not good, such as the spindle accuracy is degraded or the bearing is excessively worn, which will have a very adverse effect on the grinding.

3. Processing workpiece instability

Mainly manifested in the instability of the size margin, the fluctuation of the heat treatment hardness is larger.

About the usefulness of the cheap grinding disc, I will introduce it here. If you are interested in the grinding wheel, please keep an eye on our website.

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