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Wayne Coyne: ‘Once you’ve had a gun to your head, petty things don’t bother you’

As the Flaming Lips play Womad festival, their frontman answers your questions on the vastness of the universe, the musical taste of seagulls, and more I have a seagull nesting outside my kitchen window. It seems quite chilled, so I’ve been playing some music to help it cope with impending motherhood. Which Flaming Lips album best complements the seagull birthing cycle? Cleggatemyhamster Gosh, it’s hard to say, because not many of our albums are mellow all the way through. If I was a seagull, maybe I’d find The Terror comforting. It’s got a warm hum, a bit like a refrigerator. My wife is pretty mellow, so when she gave birth, we didn’t listen to anything specific. I’d put the Alexa speaker on her pregnant stomach and sing to the baby, although I’ve no idea if they care when they’re in there. Continue reading...

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