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Web Base Assignment

Question: Do research on the web to find an example of a major IT-related project in which the actions of the business managers made a major difference (either favorable or unfavorable) in the outcome. Document what you think were the key actions taken by managers, and the key missed opportunities to take action.

            Managers require getting involved in ensuring good results from the various types of IT systems in use within the organization. The failure of the managers to handle the mandate results in negative consequences to the organization (Reynolds, 2009). Thus, managers should understand IT related functions for them to make informed decisions. The paper provides a discussion of the actions of the managers at DELL Company and the consequences.

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            The history of the Dell Company depicts the impacts of taking favorable actions in IT to result to a successful business venture. The founder of the company, Michael Dell, started it from a small room and expanded it to be among the leading Computer manufacturing firm globally (Dell Company, n.d). The company managers adopted the idea of the value-chain that makes it different service and product provider in the Computer and Information Technology industries. The value-chain is a set o activities that business go through to avail a product or service to the users.

            First is the decision to have lower prices in the market than other competitors. The move is effective in increasing the market share. The strategy used involved phasing out the middle agents and thus retailing their products directly to the consumer. The decision to eliminate the middlemen limits the likelihood of having retail stores thereby lowering the operational costs. The managers ensure that they consider the customer by remaining innovative and at the same time lowering the prices.

            Dell Company managers have a focus on delivering the best technology-related devices at a price that competitors cannot match. The managers eliminated faulty motherboards from the supply chain by managing the inventory metrics effectively. Another major issue is establishing Virtual integration with the customers (Magretta, 1999). The strategy involves making the customers as partners. Most of the sales from the company have attribution from institutions and the government. The company maintains a relationship with them by providing full support services and tracking the information links. The strategy of offering full installation support to the customers enhances the relationship (Magretta, 1999).

            The other major action taken is keeping the suppliers with up-to-date information. It helps the company to deal with any issues that arise regarding the quality of the services. The managers use information systems to connect with the customers thereby feedback models are efficient. Any service call regarding hardware issues call for immediate engagement with the supplier and the technician to resolve the issue.

            The company managers have a long history of embracing technology such that customers can order customized computers on the website. It involves the establishment of user-friendly views on the company website. Customers can budget and plan for the products ordered after configuring their specifications.

            As a result of the bold steps taken by the managers, Dell Company is a great firm in the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of computers and other assorted products. The management of the value chain by the help of IT systems ensures increased efficiency and returns. It also enables the Company to keep a low inventory thereby able to plan according to their customer’s specifications. The computer manufacturing industry faces a major challenge in inventory depreciation as innovations create demand for new products. Thus, Dell Company managers keep a low inventory by maintaining a close relationship with their customers. The actions taken by the managers brought a significant difference between Dell Company and its competitors.


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