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What are the best Kinds of Concealed Carry Holsters?

Holsters are an important accessory for anyone who owns a gun, especially for the law enforcement and military people. It keeps the gun in place and offers safety. Concealed carry holster is one of the most popular types of holsters.

Thinking of buying a concealed holster? Concealed holster come with various features and styles and designs. Each type is suited for a particular need.

There are different types of concealed carry holsters and each type come with desirable features.  Here are some of the interesting facts about the holster to help you choose the right one:

  1. OWB or outside waistband holster

The outside waistband holster is a type of holster that can be carried on the waist and usually open carry. But, they can be concealed under clothes. OWB holsters come in various materials, but Kydex OWB holster are one of the best. They are efficient, strong, and durable and offer great retention.

  1. Inside Waistband Holster

Inside waistband holster lets you tuck the gun inside the waistband, thus providing great concealment. They come in great variety of designs and can meet various needs. They are considered as one of the best because they are very easy to put on, easily slide inside the waistband, or you can put them over the belt in seconds. Ease of use is one of the biggest advantages of this type of holsters.

  1. Pocket holster

The pocket holsters are great for the pocket guns for people who want to conceal and carry the gun with them with ease. They are usually styles as pouches and have a stabilizing wind or clip that keeps the holster in pocket. The ease of use is one of its great specialties.

  1. Ankle holsters

The ankle holsters are used on ankle or lower leg. Since the pant leg provides great concealment, it’s one of the best choices. It keeps your gun safe and secure.


Concealed holsters are of different types. These gun carriers are specifically designed to provide proper concealment and safety when the gun is on the person. Depending on what your needs is you can choose from three popular type of concealed carry holster.

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