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What I learned from my latest gaming humiliation

In the year he’s spent rediscovering video games, Dominik Diamond has made plenty of embarrassing blunders – but this time, the mistake led to a revelation Kid #1 informed me the other day that Horizon Zero Dawn was coming off PlayStation Plus at the end of October. I wrote about what this game meant to me back in July, playing it at a time when I had multiple life challenges, and the escapism and sense of achievement at completing it was a lifesaver. I did NOT complete the extra chapter The Frozen Wilds, however, because I moved to a new job, leaving consoles and TVs behind for a month or so. I passed the game on to the aforementioned oldest kid to play and she adored it even more, putting it up there with Zelda Breath of the Wild and The Last of Us on her best ever list. Now she had done her completionist, 100%-ed-it-on-the-hardest-difficulty thing with it, she was about to return to the sequel – and wondered if I wanted to nip in there while the PlayStation was free and get The Frozen Wilds done before it disappeared off Sony’s subscription service and into the ether. Continue reading...

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