What is meant by “Local host is behind nat” in output in StrongSwan VPN?

        First, I could establish Ec2 server 1 to Ec2 server 2 VPN connection using strongswan. It works like a charm. Now trying to connect the same AWS Ubuntu EC2 instance with a Ubuntu server in Vmware workstation in my laptop. I did the same strongswan confurations in both servers. But it gives the following logs when I enter <code>ipsec status</code>. 
enter image description here In my home theres a Telstra router and 101.164.xx.xx is its IP address. I did forwarding the port 500 and 4500 to the Vmware ubuntu IP address ( as well. Below is the basic logical diagram Im trying to implement. I am pretty new to VPN concepts so apologize for the low level digram. Can you please suggest a way to connect EC2 ubuntu server 2 and Windows 7? enter image description here
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