What is my internet speed?

        <strong>First three days</strong> The speed in the <strong>Router</strong> <em>""</em> is <strong>5 mbit</strong> all the time, and in <strong>speedtest.net is 5 mbit</strong>.
router test5 After 3 days The speed in speedtest.net dropped to 4 mbit, but still 5 mbit in the Router. test4 Notes: I test speed in Router and Speedtest every 3 hours and the results are similar, then the speed dropped, no edit in Router or PC or Cable. The Router does not test speed by download file like Speedtest, it get speed from ISP.
Router    : TP-Link
WAN       : ADSL2+ PPPoE
DSL cable : cat4 50 meter

PC        : core i5
OS        : Ubuntu 18.4.1
Browser   : Chrome 68
Program   : no other programs use internet at test time
LAN       : only me connected to the router
WLAN      : desabled
LAN cable : cat5e 2 meter
Which one actual my speed (Router or Speedtest) ?

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