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What is the cause of the cracking of the grinding wheel?

In today’s technologically advanced market, we don’t know how much we know about abrasives, but the development of the abrasives industry in our market is relatively good. But what many people usually pay attention to is basically some of the things in life. Or is it the industry dynamics that the industry that you like is concerned about. But we learn about the relevant content of this abrasive tool, which may be useful to us in the future.
Abrasives are the general term for abrasives and abrasives: abrasive products and abrasive products. Abrasives are known as industrial teeth. Abrasives or abrasive tools are used as grinding tools for grinding parts. Processing, and meet certain technical requirements. Commonly used abrasive mills have cut and aluminum flat cutting disc, louver discs, quick-change grinding discs, grinding rolls, bonded grinding wheels, Chiba grinding rings and sandpaper grinding rings, non-bonded Chiba grinding wheels. , Chiba grinding wheel, sandpaper roll, and cashmere, tungsten steel rotating. Then the purpose of abrasive grinding tools is grinding, polishing, grinding, cleaning, cutting, drilling.

I don’t know how deep the understanding of the cutting piece, but there are still many places where the cutting piece is applied in our life. The phenomenon of cracking of the cutting piece sometimes occurs, and the broken piece of the cutting piece poses a certain threat to people’s safety, then Why is this happening? Today, let’s talk about the cause of the cracking of the lower grinding wheel.
1. When the flatness of the cutting piece is poor, the cutting surface is curved. As the cutting depth increases, the cutting piece is subjected to lateral stress increase. When the round trip is repeated, the grinding wheel will be cracked and cause “soft film”. Cracked.
2. When the cutting piece is unevenly organized, with the torque force, thermal stress, tremor and other factors of the cutting process, the stress will accumulate in the weak tissue, leading to cracking.
3. When the hardness of the cutting piece is high, the radial torque force of the cutting piece will increase. Since the thickness of the cutting piece is usually less than 4mm, the cutting piece will be broken.
4. When the cutting piece resin lacks toughness since the flat cutting disc on sale is always in a negative pressure state during the cutting process, lateral stress is inevitably generated, and when the cutting piece cannot resist the lateral force, the grinding wheel piece will be broken.

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